Poor Lola

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Re: Poor Lola

Postby JoanG » 18 May 2017, 16:23

Sorry to hear this about Lola, Janet, the specialist orthopaedic vet we saw with George mentioned lots of different options for helping arthritis. They do stem cell procedures which help to put a cushion between the two bones which are rubbing together. I really do hope that your specialist vets can come up with procedures to help Lola long term and keep her pain free too.

Buckets more positive and healing thoughts coming from here to Lola and these :love3: are for you Janet. Take care x
Joan and George x
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Re: Poor Lola

Postby LabLover » 18 May 2017, 18:39

Janet and Pat,

So sorry to read the devasting news about Lola and hope Liverpool will be able to come up with a solution to help her. As you know both Zak and Max are both under Liverpool and we can't speak highly enough of the expertise, compassion and knowledge they all have shown and feel sure if anyone can help Lola they will be able to.

Sending more positive and healing thoughts by the bucket full for your beloved girl and thinking of you both too :love3:

Please give Lola a :bighug: and also Barney a :bighug: from all of us.

Amanda Jim & Fynley xxx

Remembering our beloved boys Milo, Little Max & Zak who forever will always be in our hearts and never forgotten Feb 2003 to May 2016, Jan 2010 to Jun 2017 & Nov 2004 to Nov 2017.
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Re: Poor Lola

Postby Lisahoward123 » 19 May 2017, 00:54

So sorry to hear about Lola but it's very manageable arthritis with medication . Both Archie and Tarka both six years old have elbow dysplasia in both elbows and oesteoartritis , Tarka also has mild hip dysplasia and her X-rays showed severe arthritis. Tarka manages really well she has you move advance and Previcox most of the time as and when she needs it . Archie although he's had elbow surgery is on much more medication 3 pardale pain relief daily and one previcox . Our vet says just because they are limping or in Archie's case walking very slowly it does not mean they are in pain , it can be what he terms "mechanical lameness" which is just arthritic changes in the joint which cause it to "fuse" and lock. Once it does lock he informed me it's actually a good thing as it means although they may walk with a slight gait , it makes it easier to move and again doesn't mean they are in pain . I walk both my dogs through the woods and field with the vet told me the worst thing you can do is not walk them as that causes further joint stiffness through inactivity. Tarka although absolutely riddled with arthritis still bounces round like tigger (if there's food involved especially ) . Another idea is to take Lola for hydrotherapy at splash in Warrington heated pool for dogs with joint problems and it's BOGOF so Barney could go too for free they throw toys on the pool and the dogs love it . It's £30 for thirty minutes :bighug: a time and most policies it's covered on insurance .

Hope this helps but honestly with two dogs with severe joint problems it manageable and they can still have a full and active life

Love lisa Archie and Tarka xxx
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Re: Poor Lola

Postby Glenys » 19 May 2017, 14:06

So sad to hear Lola is poorly xx
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Re: Poor Lola

Postby Liz5353 » 21 May 2017, 06:23

Hi Janet and Lola how are things ?
I am back with the girls now so we are sending positive thoughts to you Lola.
Love Liz Shelly Bonnie Molly Polly xx :bighug: :bighug: also for Barney
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