Dear Maggie

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Dear Maggie

Postby Glenys » 16 May 2018, 14:01

It is with great sadness I have to report that Maggie lost her fight for life today she is now at the Rainbow bridge. Sheena and David were with her as she was given sleep on Vets advice to prevent further suffering
Maggie was a Beautiful Brave, brave , sweet girl who found happiness with Sheena she came from the big rescue in January and had not had the best of lives before, our Vet thinks at least four litters were endured by her although we will never know how many.
We know dogs live in the Now so Maggie knew unconditional love in theSe last months.
She has enjoyed so much love in her new home and we did all we could possibly do to save her , in the end it was not to be.

Our love go to Sheena and David and the kind supporters who took her to their hearts. :blue: :cry3:

Thanks also to the team at Hillcrest animal hospital Chorley for their care of Maggie xx

Night Night beautiful girl xx
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Re: Dear Maggie

Postby Liz5353 » 16 May 2018, 18:24

Sheena and David we feel so sad for you at the loss of beautiful Maggie, this is such a difficult time.
Thinking of you.
Thank you to all involved in the care of your beautiful girl.
Run free and now at peace.
Love Liz Shelly Bonnie Molly Polly :love2:
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Re: Dear Maggie

Postby JoanG » 17 May 2018, 07:04

So sad for poor Maggie, just as her life had begun but she knew real love and care since she was rescued and rehomed with Sheena. Glenys, if you hadn't rescued her she would never have known what a proper lab life should be, and would have passed away unloved and easily forgotten. Due to your Rescue she experienced love and she has touched the hearts of so many people and will now live on in their memory as the brave little sweetheart who we all wanted, so much, to live a long, happy life. Thank you to everyone who rescued Maggie, to Sheena for adopting her and to everyone who loved and cared for her at Hillcrest Animal Hospital.

Run free dear Maggie xx
Joan and George x
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Re: Dear Maggie

Postby LabLover » 17 May 2018, 09:30

So sorry to read that Maggie has lost her fight :blue: Our hearts go out to everyone who tried so hard to save Maggie and especially to Sheena and David who must be devasted but hope they take comfort in knowing the short time Maggie had with them would have been the best days of her whole life.

Thinking of you all.
Amanda Jim & Fynley xxx

Remembering our beloved boys Milo, Little Max & Zak who forever will always be in our hearts and never forgotten Feb 2003 to May 2016, Jan 2010 to Jun 2017 & Nov 2004 to Nov 2017.
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Re: Dear Maggie

Postby jackie » 17 May 2018, 19:02

I am so sad that poor Maggie lost her fight. Thinking of everyone who has been clearly touched by this lovely girl and in particular Glenys, David and Sheena who really made the past few months special for her.

Run free at the bridge Maggie sweetheart.

Jackie x
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Re: Dear Maggie

Postby 12_paws » 19 May 2018, 18:13

So very sorry to read this news, my heart goes out to Maggie's new people and all at rescue who fought so hard for her.
Sleep tight Maggie :love2: ,
Des x
Diesel & Harley x x
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Re: Dear Maggie

Postby Jane267 » 19 May 2018, 18:59

Thank you to everyone who loved Maggie and gave her life worth living at the end. Your hearts break because of the love you gave, and so we send lots of love to mend your broken hearts.

Jane and Lily
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