Dear lovely Max Undergoing Vet assessment UPDATED

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Dear lovely Max Undergoing Vet assessment UPDATED

Post by Glenys »

Max was collected yesterday was in a state really and it is now known he is 15 years old
Max will be supported by rescue for vet bills he and has been found to have a heart condition this can be helped with medication to let him be more comfy bless his poorly heart :cry3:
He will be ok with Emma and we will make sure he is ok and has the best treatment

We urgently need a full time foster or Twilight home for Dear lovely Max aged 12 years who belonged to a Reverend Gentlemen who adopted him from us and can no longer care for him Max has been a church dog living at a presbytery he loves people and has mixed with dogs his sight is going a little but he likes his walks and needs this twilight time .
Kennels is not the place for this old Gent please make contact with us his master cannot come home anymore bless him Max will be funded through our supported dogs scheme

Undergoing Vet assessment


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Re: Dear lovely Max Undergoing Vet assessment UPDATED

Post by baileysbunny »

Just enquiring how Old Max is doing ? 💙

Thank you, Jac

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