Helping Sophie

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Helping Sophie

Post by Glenys »

Thank you to everyone who has sent donation's to help Sophie get the treatment she Needs to live a full and happy life Tomorrow she heads off to Leahurst ( University of Liverpool small animal teaching Hospital) for scans and X-ray's she is the most beautiful and loving girl and has adapted very quickly to being in a house and no longer has to live in a kennel at two years she has her whole life ahead when she can run play and enjoy all the doggy pleasures .

I am told by her Fosterer Lisa she is getting rather cheeky this we love ! loves the Fire loves toys .

So we must wish her well if praying is offered yes let do it !.

Thank you again everyone who has donated and still fundraising xxxx

Glenys ,Sam and Team
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Re: Helping Sophie

Post by Liz5353 »

Thank you for the update on Sophie, Glenys.
She sounds a super girl
Love from us.
Liz Molly Polly Raisin Orca x
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