April the 7thAnniversary and the Pandemic

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April the 7thAnniversary and the Pandemic

Post by Glenys »

Rescue Update

It has been a while since I did an update on rescue and now a year on since lockdown began it was a very worrying time for all and some didn’t make it through we couldn’t see our families and friends so we used the time to make some much needed repairs here but as workmen / women were unavailable we did it over many months timber was also hard to get to repair the kennels due to adverse weather we lost trees and banking so part of the paddock has continued to wash away it need new fencing there to be safe for the dogs we have asked a few local people but so far cannot find anyone to do it for us.
For me the hero of this time was Sam despite many health issues he has been doing things that would tax a younger person he is of the generation Never complain just get on with it! It also gave me the chance to have a good sort out and condense some of the many paper records going back over the years when there was an average of twenty to thirty dogs per month through here and average Lever arch file would contain only two or three months adoption and release papers also looking the pictures of the dogs on the forms remembering many of them and the lovely people who went on to adopt again became personal as well as friends of rescue supporting over many years .
We have only ever suggested a donation for dogs at first the popular one was fifty pounds looking at files for 2010 they became an average of a hundred pounds they were always told it is a donation of your choice and if a dog was old or needed vet support in order to find a home then so be it the donations for some helped us help dogs in need when we came here on a big gamble in 2003 as we were only offered a 12 month lease to start we invested heavily on secure fencing and kennels all the time being scared if we then lost the farm but now approaching the 7th of April it will be the 18th year at Malt kiln farm our worry is our hope and dream we can stay here and our work continues the rescue is 26 years old now RETIRE NO WAY ! its not an option .
Over the pandemic we have still been helping and homing dogs not as many but also taking on dogs other rescues refused because they are not easy to home so our vet bills have shot up and continues to be the source of concern but how can we say no to a dog in need ? In this time too we discovered how much kindness there is people prepared to take on a dog who is less than perfect and able to help as well we had so many offers of fostering and transport which we are allowed adhering to Covid guidelines , we were also able to complete the kennels at Katies as our own Kennels Sam has had to shield but Kennels Angela and Hubby Rich such super stars helping with kennels and became our personal shoppers too they never say no even bringing a news paper each day all the way through as most of our family are key workers still working and busy and were not allowed to visit .
The worrying thing in my mind is the online sale of dogs vastly inflated prices and the people purported to be rescues who are not! also that with the social media people not asking for help with homing and trusting strangers with their dogs but and there is a but people who are at home may have no need to home their dogs yet.
We have re homed quite a few dogs, but many will have had a need for medical treatment and support take Sophie and Star to name just a few we will never turn away such dogs.
If lockdown has taught us anything its never take life, love, kindness and health for granted make the most of every day value your friends and family and have hope for the future
Thank you to our amazing supporters and friends without you we are nothing keep safe everyone.

Lots of love and grateful thanks Glenys

( Grateful thanks to our loyal Rescue team coordinators Gina, Katie and Lisa )
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Re: April the 7thAnniversary and the Pandemic

Post by Liz5353 »

Thank you Glenys for this lovely update.
Thank you also for all that you and all the team do. Amazing.
Love Liz Molly Polly Raisin Orca x
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