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Details of Labradors waiting for a new forever home

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Thank you

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Thank you to the people who have offered homes to recent dogs please bear in in mind we choose the right life for any dog that comes to us and there are many people waiting at the moment.

Please keep your eye on the website and if you wish to email any of us you are welcome to.
The descriptions on the site are written by me as I am here when all dogs come in and if I say a dog is big then he is my description will be fairly accurate its pretty disheartening when a lovely dog comes out to meet a would be adopter and they say he is too big so read the description if I say no cats then its no cats also if you state on you application no young children in the home this should take into consideration the ages of children who visit as well.

Also if we say dogs need further training that is exactly what it means we need people who will adopt a dog and give a new and lovely life so with that thought / advice lets move into this new year.

Best wishes Glenys .
Please email one of the coordinators if you cannot get through on the phone stating CLEARLY the reason for your call only if you are approved
Glenys 01257 452500 strictly 10.30 am to 6.30pm
Gina (Homing Coordinator)
Telephone: 07572 438871 (Between 10am - 7pm
Katie tel 07484724282 email

Michelle 07956275871

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