Man and Dog

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Man and Dog

Postby JacksDad » 09 Sep 2010, 23:26

I recently found this poem in a collection by Siegfried Sassoon, better known for his First World War poems.

Who's this - alone with stone and sky ?
It's only my old dog and I -
It's only him ; It's only me ;
Alone with stone and grass and tree.

What share we most - we two together ?
Smells, and awareness of the weather.
What is it makes us more than dust ?
My trust in him; in me his trust.

Here's anyhow one decent thing
That life to man and dog can bring;
One decent thing, remultiplied
Till earth's last dog and man have died.

Posted to the accompaniment of a heavily snoring Chocolate Lab....puddle jumping and digging can be very tiring ! :1958:
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Re: Man and Dog

Postby rhoda4 » 10 Sep 2010, 09:17

Really enjoyed the poem. Thanks for posting.

Ann, Paul & Zac x
“He took my heart and ran with it, and I hope he’s running still, fast and strong, a piece of my heart bound up with his forever.” – Patricia McConnell
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Re: Man and Dog

Postby Glenys » 10 Sep 2010, 11:23

Great poem
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