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Re: Poem competition (Just for fun)

Postby Glenys » 23 Nov 2008, 23:09

am going to enter this for my Friend Janice.

her lovely Grandaughter was very poorly she sadly died aged two years no one knows how her dog Jess lasted she was on borrowed time but somehow managed to be with Janice till she could bear to part.
written by another friend maggie Moore.

Jess’s Gift ( Written By Maggie moore Copywrite)

The Time had come for me to leave, Quietly, I’d depart

Then I looked Inside of you Saw pain etched in your Heart

I saw that you were grieving sensed your trying times ahead

So I asked if I could stay awhile” Of course you can" they said.

They Gave me a new lease of Life They Gave me added strength

So the care and Love you gave to me I could return at Length

I stayed there right beside you, you were never alone

Though My angel waited, patiently To Welcome me back Home

We Got there together ,We made it you and I ,
I hope I was your Silver Lining In your Darkened Sky

And it really was so special This extra time we had
Now, Mum look forward to the Future Please, and Mum please don’t be Sad

Well Mum I had to Leave you I could stay no more
I had the fields and Footpaths In Heaven to explore

But when you needed someone, Someone to see you through

My Angel said that i could give This special Gift to you.

In Loving memory Of Terri May Baron aged 2
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Re: Poem competition (Just for fun)

Postby benjiesmum » 24 Nov 2008, 06:31

Oh those are lovely - more tears in my eyes and I am just off to work soon. I'd better pull myself together! :cry:
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