These dogs are in need of a home but not with us in rescue.
This may be because we dont have room yet, the owners want to keep dog with them until home is found out because we are trying to help someone or rescue with a dog. Normal application and vetting procedures still apply to these dogs

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Postby Glenys » 21 Feb 2018, 15:54

Roxy labrador x staff is the size of a Labrador, she's a bit chunky at the moment, I don't think her previous owner walked her much. Roxy's fantastic in the car and has been very friendly with everyone she's met.
Roxy is:
4 years old
Fully vaccinated
Surrendered by owner to Leigh Cats & Dogs Home
Dog tested at Doggy Day Care and found to be a bit wary of a very large male dog, but fine with other dogs. Not aggressive.
Said to be toy protective, but no signs of that whilst at kennels
Clean girl, who is dealing with her time in current kennels well. Hoping this is a sign that she doesn't suffer with separation anxiety
Please see picture attached. I will go and get some better ones of her today, her ears are back on this one, so she looks different to usual. She has floppy Lab ears, not small staffy ears.

photo soon
Please email the coordinators if you cannot get through on the phone stating CLEARLY your phone number and confirming you are on our waiting list or need help with homing a dog

Also for Glenys, messages can be passed on via Ann 07377317272
Carol ( homing coordinator and dogs to come in ) 07399559202
Glenys Text or call for a call back speak slowly and clearly 07722083534
Gina ( homing coordinator and dogs to come in ) tel : 07572438871
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