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Postby Glenys » 29 Jun 2018, 20:04

Please read about Alfie he hasnt had the best start but as he is reactive to other dogs at times we cannot re home him through our scheme if you wish to make contact with the owner we can put you in touch any arrangements will be between you and the Owner .

We do think he needs a chance and some training


I spoke to someone on the phone yesterday evening with regards to re-homing a Labrador. Alfie is a 3 year old Chocolate Lab. He is a typical Labrador; very excitable and boisterous. He does require a bit of training on the lead as he tends to show signs of aggression while passing a dog, however, if introduced whilst in a submissive state, he gets along well with other dogs. I have had him for a month whilst trying to re-home him and he has been living with 3 small dogs and a cat who he gets on well with. He is also often around a lot of different dogs of all shapes and sizes, who, after one introduction, he became friendly with. He is fine off lead (responds well when called back), unless he spots an unknown dog, then he charges and tries to play boisterously (some dogs take it the wrong way). He hasn't been around a lot of children, except for one 2 year old who he is absolutely fine with and isn't phased by anything she does to him. A very loving dog towards people, just craves attention and is very food obsessed so shouldn't be left unattended with food other than his own.

As a puppy, Alfie did not leave the house for the first year of his life as his owner had bad anxiety so he was not taught how to socialize with other dogs or even being out in general. He was not exercised properly throughout the whole 3 years of living with his original owner and was always rewarded for being aggressive as an attempt to distract him but we believe this was him just being overprotective over her after picking up on her anxiety.

Alfie was rescued by us as his old owner could not cope with his slight aggression on the lead and had booked him in to be euthanized but as I had Alfie during the days when she was at work, I knew he only needed proper training and the right owner. We have had him for a month and have managed to calm him down a lot more than how he previously was, however, due to having my own three dogs and a cat and also looking after other peoples dogs, I don't have the time to fully train him and give him the attention he needs. As he is very treat and toy orientated, we believe that he would be easy to train with someone who has the time and the knowledge. I am happy to keep him until you can find him a loving home.

Many thanks,


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