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PostPosted: 25 Apr 2015, 15:02
by Jasper
We’ve had Jasper living with us for 10 months now and, judging by his increased cheekiness we think he now accepts this as his forever home. He lives with 3 cats and 4 rabbits which he tries to play with. Though, his size and energy sometimes intimidate.

It’s been a long journey as his previous abuse has left him emotionally stunted and the medication for his epilepsy puppyfie him meaning we have a 45kg puppy :0) Thankfully, Pet Plan fund his treatment and even reimbursed our earliest vet bills ex gratia. Hence we would thoroughly recommend Pet Plan to anyone thinking of rehoming a dog.

Finally, a big thank you to all at Labrador Rescue, particularly Glenys and Sam for the selfless work that you do.

Wayne and Lin

Re: Jasper

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2015, 17:36
by Glenys
Thank you Wayne and Lin

I am so glad Jasper found you and you were prepared to stand with him and look after him and well done Petplan II am so glad he is covered.

can you email me a photo for the site please ?