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Please read carefully about Doug He has skin allergies and the family are struggling to afford any treatments he really needs the York test to see what is causing the allergies
We will fund that if he can find a forever home from someone approved to adopt.
Please note a prospective adopter will be able to meet Doug on neutral ground observing social distancing rule.

Here is some information about Doug
DOB 20-09-17
Some of the things he likes
He likes having a shower and playing with the hose pipe, he has a favourite toy Pineapple the only one that has lasted longer than a week he does like to destroy his toys even a kong hasn’t managed Dougs love of chewing toys , he also loves ripping cardboard boxes to pieces . He has a plastic bed which we have learn overtime is the only one he won’t chew he has a Large towel in his bed to sleep on as all foam ones we have got him over the past few years haven’t lasted very long the towel he loves to drag around with him he especially loves to bring you this when you return home it’s his way of greeting you or any visitors these are washed weekly without detergent as I’ve found using detergent makes him itch more , Doug loves to play fetch he brings back the ball but doesn’t like to give it up freely he really wants to but he just gets to excited so have an extra one to throw so he’ll drop the one he’s got . He loves cuddles he will come and put his head on your shoulder , he is very big on attention if you stop stroking him he will paw you for more. He really doesn’t like to be left for a long period of time so would be better with someone who can be with him throughout the day although he doesn’t destroy anything whilst we’re out he does make a very loud whining sound as soon as he hears the car pulling up, even a trip to the garden without him is met with an overly excited greeting as though we’ve been away all day
Doug is on a raw diet he has ready made complete mixes from Durham animal feeds these can be ordered online or there are some shops that supply them , he has two 500g feeds a day which we have found keeps him at a healthy Weight , he usually has lamb , pheasant or veal, any form of chicken is a definite no for him he also loves sardines in sunflower oil and raw eggs shells included I also add coconut oil to his food a few times a week this helps his dry skin , he also loves bananas and as soon as he hears the word banana he gets excited ,He’s brilliant with children he’s grew up with my youngest son an has always been gentle around him the only issue with him is he will take food from them and he has growled if we have tried to take that food away other than that he hasn’t shown any other aggressive behaviour
Attached are a few pictures of Doug and one showing how his skin is at the moment

Picture shows him as nearly Black I am trying to put a better one on soon


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