Charlie Best

Remember your beloved friend at this special time of year

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Charlie Best

Post by Glenys »

Many of you will remember Alison and her beloved Charlie , Alison was the most lovely person and friend of rescue but sadly passed away very young Charlie was cared for by her Mum Kathleen till she sadly passed away
The Best family have continued to support or rescue over many years and look after Charlie .
Today I received the news Charlie has gone to the Bridge :cry3: .


I am so very sad to report that our beloved buddy boy Charlie died last night after having a great day. We took him for his walk in the morning and he slept in the afternoon, went to the pub with us as usual, where he greeted everyone, hoovered up food molecules and got treats. We got home and he gobbled dinner down and went outside to wee. He seemed to be out a long time and I found him on the lawn in the frost panting rapidly and struggling to stand-we got him inside after a couple more collapses on route and called the vets.

It was clear something dire was going on so we put him in the car and drove him there. They were puzzled as to what had happened so suddenly and wanted to xray him. They called us back in after 5 minutes and said he was dying which we knew and we all lay on the floor with him and stroked him until he stopped breathing.

I have buried him in our garden outside my brewery door where he loved to lie and occasionally dig for who knows what! There is a big hole in our lives. We are gladdened that he had such a good life with us here in Devon and that he didn't suffer long-a splendid last day all in all and pretty much his regular routine.

We are happy he gave such comfort to Alison and my mum and eventually to Gracie and I who treated him more like a son rather than a dog. He will be sorely missed. We are off for a walk now, just the two of us, but I suspect there'll be a third there in spirit.

Keep up your wonderful work.

Andrew and Gracie Best.

Run free lovely Charlie with your Mum and Nan xxx
Joe + Hilary
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Re: Charlie Best

Post by Joe + Hilary »

Sad to read that but what a beautiful tribute to a very special and much loved family member. How good that Charlie was treasured by so many members of the family.

Hilary, Rowley & Douma
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Re: Charlie Best

Post by jackie »

In tears now, that is so so sad. Alison wast such a lovely person and I can remember Charlie very well, In fact I kept eyeing him up when he came to rescue and nearly picked the phone up and called Glenys so say we would have him. I was delighted when Alison took him, I knew he would have the great home he deserved.

Run free at the bridge Charlie sweetheart, your mum will be so pleased to see you.

Jackie x
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Re: Charlie Best

Post by coco-bean »

So sorry to read about the loss of Charlie :cry3:

Thinking of you both at this sad time

Run free sweet Charlie :love2:
Debbie, Coco, Kinder & Buttons XXX

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Re: Charlie Best

Post by Liz5353 »

What a wonderful tribute to Charlie, he has been a very much loved boy by the Best family. Charlie sounded as if he had a lovely day and peacefully passed away R I P Charlie,
Thinking of you Mr and Mrs Bes at this sad time, run free dear Charlie.
Liz Shelly Bonnie Molly Polly :love2:
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Re: Charlie Best

Post by 12_paws »

So sorry to read that the Best family have said goodbye to a boy who sounds very special indeed.
Sleep tight Charlie :love2:
Des x
& Harley xx
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