Another update on Willow

Lovingly known as wheelydog - Willow had a spinal injury and used a frame with wheels in place of her back legs. Hydrotherapy, a loving home and one year later she is walkig without her frame and continies to improve

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Another update on Willow

Post by Glenys »

From time to time rescue send a little something to help with Willow and its always well received we will also fund the repair of her trolley maybe with some of Peppa pups money from one incontinent girl to another .......................

Dear Glenys,

Thank you so much for thinking of Willow (aka Milly now,) the trolley dog and sending the cheque and raffle tickets. I am very grateful as life with Milly, as she is now known, is costly - she practically has her own washing machine - but it is still very rewarding. She is doing well. When she chooses to get on to her feet she can potter about quite steadily and can outrun me hands down when in her trolley. Without that her quality of life would be significantly reduced but she continues to be a very patient, loving and contented dog if a noisy one! I shall use the money to buy her a new sling for her trolley as one of the loops snapped on her original so it is hard to stop her getting a bit lopsided. She still loves to go to the beach, which of course isn't good for the metal of the trolley because of the salty water, but it is soooo good for the soul. And second best is chasing tennis balls in the paddock - again in her trolley. On occasions she gets stuck in the mud but waits to be rescued. She is a bright eyed, clever little thing - much loved and admired.

Thank you again,


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Re: Another update on Willow

Post by Blakey »

Oh bless her - it's lovely to hear that Milly is continuing to do well. Many thanks to Jan for providing the update :love3:



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Re: Another update on Willow

Post by Lins »

Wow, this is so spooky :shock: I was only thinking about Willow yesterday. It's good to know she is still enjoying life. Thank you so much for the update. :love3:
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Re: Another update on Willow

Post by jackie »

So lovely to hear that she is doing so well, I often think of her. Jan really is a lovely lady, Willow is no easy dog to take on.

Jackie x
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