Willow another update PLEASE READ HER STORIES

Lovingly known as wheelydog - Willow had a spinal injury and used a frame with wheels in place of her back legs. Hydrotherapy, a loving home and one year later she is walkig without her frame and continies to improve

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Willow another update PLEASE READ HER STORIES

Post by Glenys »

From time to time we send something to hep with Willow now Milly if you remember she was in a bad car accident and her owners said make her better at all costs but sadly when the Vets saved her and she needed constant rehabilitation they wanted her put to sleep the vet nurses who were caring for her were broken hearted she was doing ok and they got her wheels which enabled her to get around we then found the lovely Jan who has committed to her .

I'm taking the liberty of printing our emails and have committed the following:

Regular help with vet bills so Jan can buy what she needs
A fresh supply of Veterinary bedding
Any other help to allow her to keep Milly happy and healthy after all no one would have done what she has done for her.
Jan will Know when the time has come for Milly

If anyone would like to send good wishes to Jan please contact me she is one in a million xxx

Dear Glenys,
Thank you yet again for remembering us. The fact that you do means a lot and the cheque towards Milly's upkeep is very much appreciated: as she gets needier her upkeep is bound to increase. We get by. She is still very fun loving and always excited to go out in her buggy, but her injuries are taking their toll. She has had several urinary infections and courses of antibiotics and has sores on her bottom which I treat with hibiscrub and fuciderm. Sadly she also struggles no longer get up unaided so it is hard for me at the moment weighing up the good and the bad and considering her quality of life. She had a bad week last week when she just couldn't get comfortable on her bed and cried out when she moved. The vet prescribed loxicom and PLT and she has recovered and been much more her old self but I know we are on a downhill slope. However, she has had 6 and a half extra years. When she no longer careers round in her buggy I will know. Tough decision ahead, but not there yet!

email I apologise as I didn't want her to feel forgotten...........I am happy for rescue to contribute each month if you give me your bank details its the least we can do and then you can get the things she needs please do not hesitate to ask that's an order as with so many dogs to see to I sometimes forget about you and that's naughty really.

Let me know what she needs. All I ask is that you let me know when the inevitable happens and thank you so much for going the extra mile

Glenys xxx

The only other thing we could do with is vet bedding again. I've been halving old duvets but they just get soggy so her bottom never seems to get the chance to dry - hence the sores. Otherwise we are fine. We have lots of socks and tape for her feet and the old trolley is still going strong - with gaffer tape, but it works!

I don't feel forgotten just hard to know what to do for the best sometimes, but my vets are being very caring and admit they couldn't look after her. They let me ring up for advice rather than take her in all the time. Still not a lover of cars is our Mill, but the collie in her keeps her going as she is naturally nosey and a little busy body. When the light goes out in those beady little eyes I'll know the time has come.

Jan xx

Jan also thanks Adrian for his kindness too

That will help with vets' bills that's for sure.


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Re: Willow another update PLEASE READ HER STORIES

Post by Melliott »

Jan has been Milly's saviour, no one could have done what she has, they have been through so much together. Thank you Glenys for helping Jan look after Milly so well.

Please pass on my thanks to Jan, truly one in million.

Love Michelle X
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Re: Willow another update PLEASE READ HER STORIES

Post by 12_paws »

It sounds like Jan is a very special person caring for a very special girl - they must have shared some pretty challenging times as well as the happy ones. Milly is obviously so very loved.

Thinking about Milly's skin getting sore, something like a Kylie washable absorbent bed pad might be a good investment for lining Milly's bed - it draws the moisture inside and doesn't let it stay on the skin.

For you Jan :love3: :love3: thank-you,
Des x
& Harley xx
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Re: Willow another update PLEASE READ HER STORIES

Post by Willow »

Jan is an incredible woman, as Michelle says, truly one in a million :love3:

Milly sounds like an extra-special Lab too. Big hugs xx
Joanna & Toby xx
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Re: Willow another update PLEASE READ HER STORIES

Post by littleorp2 »

Jan I have to be honest I dont think I could have done it, I admire you tremendously. It's obvious she is truly loved and it sounds like it is going to be a very sad and difficult decision you are going to have to make, hopefully in the more distant future. Really pleased the rescue are able to help you out. These are for you :love3:
Carol and Tasmin
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Re: Willow another update PLEASE READ HER STORIES

Post by Megsmum »

Lovely to see this update on Milly. I've just been re-reading her story - it is truly inspirational.
Thank you Glenys for supporting her over the years.
What an amazing person you are Jan! I know I couldn't have done what you've done.
Thank you so much for giving this wonderful dog a second chance. These are for you :love3: :love3:
:bighug: :bighug: for Milly and all your canine family xx
Helen and Merry x

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Re: Willow another update PLEASE READ HER STORIES

Post by jackie »

Jan has been absolutely fantastic with Willow, I can remember the day she came via the Rescue and thought what will happen to this girl......Jan came along and took her, lets be honest most of us would not have that courage. Jan is one in a million.

Also special thanks to Adrian who agreed to fund Willow's food (think it was food) for a year he is such a kind fella, I know he will hate me posting this but it true...actually Adrian where are you nowadays I haven't seen you post for a while :2039:

Jackie x
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