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Adopting a Labrador

The adoption of a Labrador is a considerable, but extremely rewarding commitment which should be discussed and considered by the family as a whole before proceeding.


Labradors can be expected to live for approximately 15 years and should therefore not be seen as a short term commitment but as a major part of family life for some considerable time to come. Getting a dog is a serious thing, not to be taken lightly. A dog is not something that can be thrown out or disregarded when the novelty has worn off. He/she is a living animal which will need your care and attention for all of its life.

It is also important when considering adoption, that you consider your current and possible future circumstances and take time to select the right animal for your home and situation. Try to be open minded and do not discount an older dog as these have many qualities and just as much love to give as a younger animal.


Deciding which breed to choose requires research and then objective consideration as to which fits your lifestyle.


If you can digest all the information about the Labrador which is available to you and then still be of the opinion that one will fit your lifestyle then you will be taking on one of arguably the best breed of dog in the world.

Still interested in adopting a Labrador?


If you have done your research, considered your home situation and the needs of a Labrador, are prepared to allow time for the dog to settle into your new home and are sure you are able to offer one a home for life, please complete our online application form.


Your application will be considered and you will be contacted by one of the team as soon as possible, however please be aware that the rescue is very busy and there is only a small team dealing with re-homing so this may not happen immediately.


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