Adoption Application Form


If you would like to be considered to adopt one of our Labradors, you will need to complete this online application form. It is important that you complete the form and give as much information as possible in your application which will help us to identify the most suitable dog for your circumstances.


Your completed application will be stored in our system and you will be contacted by one of our coordinators who will discuss your application further. Please be aware that we only have three part-time volunteers dealing with applications and there may be a delay in them contacting you as we often receive a large number of applciations.


The assessment of your application will include a telephone discussion and may require a homecheck or reference from your vet. Each appplication is considered on an individual basis and is intended to not only ensure you are the right person to adopt a labrador but also to ensure a labrador is the right dog for you.

We do not rehome a dog to famalies where both adults are working full time and would not normally expect a dog to be left more than 4 hours unless appropriate provision has been made. We do not rehome dogs with families with children under 5 years of age or if the dog will regularly come into contact with children under 5.


Whilst many dogs who come to us do so from a family background we rely on the person surrendering the dog to give a truthful history of the dogs behaviour and temperament - Whilst we take every opportunity to verify this during the dogs time with us, we cannot guarantee this is accurate and apply this age restriction to ensure the safety of children within the family.


Please note that a donation of £150 is asked for all dogs under the age of 6 years and an appropriate donation for any older according to their age and condition.

Your dontation is used entirely to continue the work of the rescue and provide care and treatment to dogs coming into the rescue. All staff are unpaid volunteer


If you prefer to complete a paper based application form you can Click Here to download.



Application Form

Please complete the form below and click on the Submit Application button when complete. Do not complete an application if you are not yet ready to adopt a dog.

Please do not ring the rescue to see if your application has been accepted - you will be contacted in due course.


About You

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  Do you have a disability?    
  If disabled, please give details of your disability.(This will not exclude you from adoption but will help us identify a dog suitable for your needs)    

What current or past experience do you have as a dog owner?

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About the dog you would like

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  If over 4 hours what arrangements are in place to cater for the dogs needs?    

Veternary Information

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Adopted from us before?

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