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Special Appeal to help a beautiful girl who is in constant pain.

Sophie is a beautiful two year old yellow labrador who was trained as a gun dog.

All was well until her owners discovered her limping. After an examination she was found to have hip dysplasia in one hip.

Unfortunately Sophie is not insured and her owners were unable to afford her treatment or ongoing care (pain relief etc) which is going to be very expensive. Her current medications are not sufficient to control her pain any longer and Sophie is now living in daily pain. The only way to resolve this situation, make Sophie pain free and give her a good quality of life is to have surgery. This surgery is however, very expensive.

Reassessment, x-rays, surgery, medication and after care is expected to cost somewhere between £6,000 and £8,000.


Sophie deserves so much as she is a lovely gentle girl who has many years of love and happliness Labrador Rescue North West have agreed to take her under our protection and seek the medical help and treatment she needs to give her a pain free happy life.

Initially she will be fostered and arrangements made to pave way for stronger medication and surgery with follow up physiotherapy and/or hydrotherapy.
We are now committed to do what we do best and change the lives of Labradors. 

We have committed the cost through our existing funds but our funds are limited and due to the current pandemic we are suffering like many other rescues.

We have therefore decided to run an appeal for donations specifically towards Sophies care, treatment and rehabilitation.


Donations can be made via the PayPal buttons below:


Donation to the Sophie Appeal

Please use the PayPal button below to make your donation.

Any amount, no matter how small will help us to help this Labrador become pain free and able to enjoy her life again.




All money received through the Sophie Appeal buttons will be used exclusively for her care.


Donations can also be made over the telephone or by sending a cheque to the rescue. To preserve our funds if sending a donation can you please indicate whether receipt is needed





Sophie Updates


Sophie is seetling well with her foster mum..

With regularly administered pain relief she is now looking for comfortable and settling into her temporary home with foster mum Lisa.

Sophie had never lived in a house as she was a kennel dog but she is adjusting well and after some time she has finally started to sleep in her comfy bed rather than on the floor. She does like to collect all her toys at bed time though to keep her company.

Sophie has an appointment next thursday for scans at the specialist vets.

Already your donations have made a difference to this beautiful girls life. This is only the start of her journey to a new life.. We thank everyone who has donated. No matter how much or how little every penny makes a difference.



Todays update on lovely sophie.

She has been to the specialist vet now and had a full assessment, including sedation and scans. The scans show that her hip is in a very bad condition and does need a full replacement. The good news is that they are confident that, post surgery and after care, she will be fine. Due to her location she will be having physio with them as well.

Costs for the scan and assessment: £1800 + VAT.

Estimated cost of surgery: £4,500 + VAT

Aftercare: Unknown as yet.

Due to COVID-19 the surgery is running at reduced capacity but the team are meeting next week to try to arrange surgery at the earliest opportunity

Meanwhile.. poor sophie is under the care of the locan vet as her ears are in a shocking state. She has been started on a 10 day course of antibiotics to get on top of this as soon as possible.

Sophie has a lot to go through but she is with the most amazing foster mum and family, is being ruined and she is now learning what it is to be loved and spoilt every day. Thanks to everyone who has donated - your kindness is already making a big difference to this beautiful girls life!