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Special Appeal to help beautiful Connie recover from her horrendous ordeal.

Last week we were alerted to the plight of a beautiful Labrador by the warden at Warrington.

This dog had been taken to a vets in St Helens. The man had been refused by two others but Whitecross Vets, St Helens took her in for emergency surgery.

The man had provided a false number - we are hoping this person was a good Samaritan but who knows.

The vets named the dog Connie. Many of the pictures showing connies injuries are too graphic to show here.

Connie has so many deep puncture wounds everywhere on her body, some are inches deep into the muscle. The staff at the vets fought to save her life and the nurses offered to volunteer to stay with her so she was never left alone. They fell in love with this brave little girl and we were more than happy to help immediately when we were asked for assistance.

After approximately a week she was released into our care and Lisa (our team member) and Jennifer went to collect this most precious cargo. Jennifer and her husband are now caring for Connie who in spite of the pain inflicted on her ( possibly by fighting dogs ) wagged her tail at the kindness shown.

Jennifer said "we are so sad that she cant have cuddles as its too painful" but the abundance of love she is receiving is helping her recover and feel safe again - they are sleeping downstairs with her.

We think she was a bait dog - her wounds will take a long time to heal as some are so infected they cannot be stitched. Every part of her body is affected and she has internal injuries too, maybe from being kicked. We are all 100 percent behind dear Connie and her devoted foster family. She is back at the Vets tomorrow but she is on a very long road to recovery.

Please keep her in your heart and prayers .

We will never know her past but her future is secure under the care of our rescue and her Foster family .


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