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Post by Glenys »

Today we saw the referral Vet .... Dawn, Paisley and me when I saw poor Paisley eye
Heartbreaking so now It became urgent So surgery is tomorrow and thankyou all who have donated to help
Please send all your healing and kind thoughts especially for Dawn who is so worried for her special boy.
He is such a happy boy Bless him such a star in the Vets

Long Post :
Aileen wrote on Face book :

As many of you will have read, Paisley, a supported dog, has to have an operation to remove an eye, and his surgery is going to be funded by the Rescue. I know this will make quite a dent in the rescue’s ‘coffers’ and I’d like to suggest, to those who feel able, that we all donate a few pounds each to help out with this. You can do this by going to the website homepage, and making a one off donation through PayPal. There are also other ways in which to pay, e.g. bank transfer, for those who do not have PayPal.
Thank you for reading and, hopefully, helping out. xx

From Glenys

Regarding Lovely Paisley : We are waiting for a specialist eye Vet to see him more updates when they come.
Personal note from me and on behalf of rescue team It was so kind of Aileen who is a long time freind and supporter to suggest donations as we would not have asked as many who have donated so far also are already regular supporters so thank you so much for helping us due to time I cannot email each person but be assured your gift is precious .
Rescue funds have ups and down times like us all and I cannot tell you how much your support means to us some dogs come into rescue who need our ongoing support regarding veterinary help, they may need special tests like a recent dog Billy who has recently had a York test the Bill was £555.40 this had to be done as we needed to find out what he was allergic too and cut to the chase the York test helps to find out.
Some dogs may have been turned down by richer,bigger charities who sit on large funds but as long as we are afloat we will not turn down a dog due to needing extra help as long as the treatment or special food is deemed possible and ethical by our trusted Vets.
Some people can offer a warm, caring and loving home to a dog but such Vets fees would be beyond the average persons means and that dog ineligible for insurance so would we turn down such a person?
Not on our watch ! hence we have supported dogs scheme for dogs who would not otherwise have got a home and are now loved and cherished surely that is the whole point .

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Re: Paisley UPDATED

Post by Liz5353 »

Paisley and Dawn we will be thinking of you today, we send you both lots of love and hugs. Try to keep busy Dawn, we understand how you must feel but Paisley will be in great hands.
Liz Molly Polly Raisin xx

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Re: Paisley UPDATED

Post by LabLover »

Sending lots of positive and healing thoughts Paisley and hope everything goes well for you today :love2:

Thinking of you also Dawn as we know how worried you will be until your beautiful boy is back home :love3:
Amanda Jim & Fynley xxx

Remembering our beloved boys Milo, Little Max & Zak who forever will always be in our hearts and never forgotten Feb 2003 to May 2016, Jan 2010 to Jun 2017 & Nov 2004 to Nov 2017.

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Re: Paisley UPDATED

Post by Patmar »

Hoping all goes well for Paisley today and sending love and caring thoughts to Dawn

With Love

Pat, Zach and Jake
x x x

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