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Rescue update

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We are hoping everyone is ok during these unusual times so I am updating on behalf of Rescue which we are all still working following safe guidance lines .
We have mainly arranged for dogs to be re homed differently as we want to keep people as safe as we can so arranging safe meeting etc
Please be assured f you are on our adoption lists and have made contact re the dogs that we will be aware of you and this rescue has always been about matching the dog to the home and vice versa so whichever home we choose to offer for any particular dog it is not a slight on anyone and our advice is be patient but also be patient with us as we are all in lock down and doing our best.
At the farm Sam and I have achieved quite a lot we have been able to get on top of jobs here we are waiting for some more repairs but those hopefully will be done soon the paddock and areas all are regularly freshly cut and fencing all re checked but the kennels are ready for any dogs that need us .
Special thanks to our voluntary transporters who have helped with emergencies during lock down ( you know who you are ) and those wonderful people who donate to us it is showing amazing loyalty really a lifeline for us as Vet bills are ongoing mainly for supported dogs .
As I have said before I think all rescues are in for a surge of dogs and animals needing a home when people revert to their working patterns again but I feel it may be quite a while before any normality returns.
This unusual time has brought out so much kindness in so many people which we will never forget.
Keep Safe everyone and thankyou from all of us xx

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