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Emma T
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Poppy pupdate

Post by Emma T » 27 Feb 2010, 18:20


The little miss is having a Poppy-Power-Nap at the moment, snugged up with me and her brother so I thought I would post an update.

Well, what can I say? She is utterly wonderful and we are completely besotted. She is the most delightful little thing and her antics have us in stitches. Her and Barney are best of friends already, they love playing together, it is so lovely to watch them and seeing Poppy snugged up in his tummy when they are both sleeping is heartmelting :love2: Barney is great with her, he even forgave her when she jumped up and bit his willy OUCH :2026: :1968:

She is in to everything, you need the proverbial eyes in the back of your head with her, she is so busy and full of mischief - a tiny tyke! My favourite moment this week was when she pulled an apron off the oven door and was racing round and round the table, apron billowing behind her like a cape, only her little face peeking out, she looked like a tiny superhero! Her run is hilarious, a fat little bottom wiggle and wobble and then she just bounces with excitement. She is having great fun in the garden, have to watch her like a hawk as she tries to chew at everything.

I can confirm she is definitely a labrador, she is a greedy little minx and has already sussed out which the cat and dog food cupboard is, I turned my back for one second with the door open and her fat little bottom was hanging out of the cupboard! She tried to push one of my cats out of the way for her tea and got bopped with a paw for her trouble. Mind you her meals cause uproar as Barney and the cats all want to eat her food and we have to feed her in her crate with cats and Barney peering in enviously!

She is amazingly good at night, she cried a little on her first night, but nothing since, the first three nights she cried at 3.30am and I took her out to have a wee, but now incredibly she sleeps all night, and she has had no little accidents at all at night. Her toilet training is brilliant, she has really got the hang of it, such a bright little thing. She is fantastic!

The cats are fine with her now, she thinks the two black ones are puppies too and she bounces up and down in front of them and barks, an attempt to get them to play! The tabby is a bit sulky about her arrival, he was mean and rubbed noses with her and then swiped her round the face, bless her she cried, I was fuming with him!

Carol must have done the most amazing job with them as she is such a happy, inquisitive, content and settled little pup, really an absolute joy, like her big brother :love2: :1972:

I am sure our little baby pup has grown since last Sunday too!

So Carol rest assured your little pup is totally adored and is one happy little lady! Thank you xxxx I would have texted you but my phone has packed up. Talking of phones I never gave you the recycling stuff last Sunday, I have a brain like a sieve, too much excitement with pup!

#ps more pics to follow!

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Re: Poppy pupdate

Post by tosca100 » 27 Feb 2010, 19:11

This made me giggle, she sounds wonderful. :love5: I am so happy she gets on so well with all your animals. :love6: As for growing, I can tell you that she will be growing at a heck of a rate, we live opposite the vet and have weighed Bella every week and the results are staggering! :1961:

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Re: Poppy pupdate

Post by Lins » 27 Feb 2010, 19:19

Enjoyed reading that and now looking forward to seeing some piccys. :love5:
Lins, Molly and Scooby

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Gemma T
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Re: Poppy pupdate

Post by Gemma T » 27 Feb 2010, 19:52

Lovely update - she sounds brilliant!! What a star!!
Gemma x

Mad Maisie

Re: Poppy pupdate

Post by Mad Maisie » 27 Feb 2010, 20:13

:love5: :love5: :love5: :love5:


Gill, Meg and Maisie

:love2: :love2: :love2:

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Re: Poppy pupdate

Post by Garyt » 27 Feb 2010, 21:15

Great update :thumbup: anymore piccy,s

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Ann Mee
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Re: Poppy pupdate

Post by Ann Mee » 28 Feb 2010, 00:59

Lovely update Emma looking forward to some pics.

Ann x :love5: :love5:
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Re: Poppy pupdate

Post by Seamusmum » 28 Feb 2010, 11:42

I want to see photos of her in her super hero apron costume :1966: :love5:

Awh, she sounds adorable and clearly loved by both the humans and furry gang in the household :love6:
Katie xx

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Re: Poppy pupdate

Post by carolb » 28 Feb 2010, 11:58

Emma I am really pleased that Poppy is enjoying herself and she has been accepted by the cats. It`s great that her and Barney are best friends already. :love6: I bet you spend all day watching her, I did. Would love some more pics. Have fun with the worming :2008:
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Re: Poppy pupdate

Post by kayj » 28 Feb 2010, 18:07

Lovely update Emma,glad to hear that Poppy is settling down into her new life with you,Pete,Barney and the cats.Have fun with the worming.Look forward to pictures of Poppy and Barney.

:love5: :love5:


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Re: Poppy pupdate

Post by rhoda4 » 28 Feb 2010, 18:14

Lovely update. :love5:

Ann, Paul & Zac x
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