Ode to Andrex

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Ode to Andrex

Postby Debt » 08 Apr 2014, 11:46

There is a brand of toilet roll
With an advert you all know
It shows a Labrador puppy
With paper on the go

This brand had another advert
Rollaphobia was its name
The puppy had the right idea
Instead of the paper playing game

I am here to tell them
Showing a puppy isn’t best
Chasing after toilet paper
Is not always like the rest

Now I'm certainly a Labrador
An overgrown puppy you might say
I can show this well known brand
That with their paper I won’t play

And as for the rollaphobia
There’s not much I can add
Avoidance isn’t in my nature
But leaving them is mad

I haven't had that many toys
But now nothing else is good enough
For when it comes to cardboard tubes
I really loves the stuff

So Andrex, here’s my message
Please take these words as said
I am an overgrown puppy
And your cardboard tubes I’ll shred

I knows just what I likes
And your paper will not do
So listen Andrex and take my advice
Put your adverts in the loo


Love Bridget Biggy Boo xxxx
(was known as Fudge but me + Mum preferred Bridget Biggy Boo)
Life is a dream we are dreaming...
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Re: Ode to Andrex

Postby Lins » 08 Apr 2014, 18:39

Love it.

I detest those Andrex adds and won't buy the product for that reason alone. :2012: :2012:
Lins, Molly and Scooby

A house isn't a home without at least one Labrador
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Re: Ode to Andrex

Postby mollie » 08 Apr 2014, 19:02

Well said!! :thumbup:
Mr Bumpy - always in our hearts xx

Marge, Jess and Tilly xx
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Re: Ode to Andrex

Postby coco-bean » 08 Apr 2014, 19:50

I don't buy it either.

Well Bridget Biggy Boo,

Coco wouldn't of left the evidence she wouldn't chew the roll she would just eat it. :1966:
Debbie, Coco & Kinder X

Who ever said diamonds are a girls best friend..... Never owned a Labrador or two
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