I think that dogs are Teachers

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I think that dogs are Teachers

Post by Glenys »

This is a poem from My Friend Judy I think with all the sad loss of dogs and poorly dogs etc this poem is spot on.

I think that dogs are teachers, the role they play on earth
They are teachers of emotion, that show our real worth
When their short life is over, and back to God they go
They have made our lives much richer, by teaching what they know
They will teach you how to look a new; you’ll see it through her eyes
The fields, the sea, the autumn day, the fluffy clouds that rise
The fields, the snow ,the colours, the breeze blowing through your hair
The sun upon the water shines, your dog will take you there

Splashing, jumping, happy times, you don’t need money here
You never realized what was for free, or what you held so dear.
Unselfishness: she’ll teach you now and you’ll be quick to learn
How can she love you like she does asking nothing in return

Devotion; now and faithfulness she will teach you if she can
She will lay her life down willingly for you her master-man
Gentleness: the next to learn, she plays with children small
And they learn the meaning of the word as she licks them when they fall

Love: she has taught you this one too, when you love her now it’s true
The emotions that she brought with her, she passes on to you

Sorrow: - yes you are taught that too, when she has to go back home
And loneliness: she taught you that when she is gone and you’re alone
Thankfulness: The major one, for all emotions seen
I’m so sad now but that will pass, I am so thankful that she has been.

By Judy Jones (written for Saffy and for Dice.

Copyright Judy Jones

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Re: I think that dogs are Teachers

Post by 12_paws »

Oh blimey, that's thought provoking verse - so very true,
Des x
Diesel & Harley x x

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Re: I think that dogs are Teachers

Post by Jane267 »

Thanks for sharing - it's beautiful.

Jane and Lily (who's certainly taught me to enjoy "what's for free" in the sun and in the rain - the sky is beautiful at silly o'clock when most other people are still in bed!)

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Re: I think that dogs are Teachers

Post by jackie »

So lovely and so true.

Jackie x

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Re: I think that dogs are Teachers

Post by Lins »

Beautiful. I think we can all relate to that one. Thanks Glenys.
Lins, Molly and Scooby

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Re: I think that dogs are Teachers

Post by Willow »

Spot on. Very well worded :love2:
Joanna & Toby xx
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