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Pearly Gate Pickets

Postby Glenys » 04 Jul 2008, 16:56

here is another one from my Good friend Maggie Moore:

Pearly Gate Pickets .

I had a dream the other night
I dreamed that I had conquered flight
And as I soared above the sky
I never thought to wonder why
At last I reached my destination
And there were folk of every nation
Thronged outside the pearly gates
I wondered why I had to wait

Saint Peter looked exasperated
Why was he being so bereted?
I saw the banners flying free
Then all at once began to see
“Where’s my Bonnie ?”one voice cried
Where’s My Fritz? Is he inside?
I cant see my Darling Duke
Even though I’ve had a look

My little pup will be so worried
That is why I really hurried
Just let her know that I am here
Just tell her please that Mum is near

The people shouted their requests
It was noisier than a hornets nest
Poor St Peter what to do
He really didn’t have a clue

They all were stood there on cloud nine
A doggy owners picket line
Each one with their own demand
Turned and face the heavenly band

We’ll not be moved they shouted loud
As more then gathered on the cloud
We know our rights we will have them too
That’s why we are here seeing you.

Saint Peter patient broadly grinned
Said wont you please all step within
I’ll see if I cant help sort out
The problem you have come about
A group of Angels hovering
Cherubim and Seraphim
Around Saint Peter gathered they
To hear just what he had to say.

Off they went to their set task
Where have they gone? I had to ask
Saint peter turned eyes twinkling bright
And looked towards a heavenly light
Dogs of every breed and size
Sought owners who had tear filled eyes
Saint Peters voice rang loud and clear
All true friends are united here.
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