The dogs home by Maggie Moore

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The dogs home by Maggie Moore

Post by Glenys » 13 Jul 2008, 19:39

The Dogs Home

I decided just the other day
To go out for a walk
And maybe meet a friend or two
For a coffee and a talk
But instead I found myself outside
The doors of a dogs home
I went inside for a look around
Before going home alone

There were big dogs, there were small dogs
Some were smooth and some were rough
You could see some had life easy
While for others it was tough
Some came scampering to the bars
Jumping up with glee
While others crouched in the background
And watched me warily

As I looked into the back of the pen
I saw this tiny pup
His brown eyes so appealing
I just had to pick him up
He snuggled up against me
He seemed so small and frail
I could tell he was so frightened
By the way he wagged his tail

I went to the attendant
And asked about his case
He told me where they found him
He was such a disgrace
It seemed he had been beaten
And often left alone
Then in the end they turned him out
Into the streets to roam

As I held him close to me
And stroked his silky hair
I lnew I coulnt turn away
And leave him lying there
I asked if I could take him
And bring him home for good
I said that I would care for him
And they told me that I could

Now you wouldn’t know him
He’s as happy as could be
He knows now that I wont hurt him
S he is not afraid of me
I am glad that I went out that day
And went into the home
‘Cause now I have this special friend
I am no longer on my own.

Copywrite Maggie Moore.

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