Lenny 4 years on

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Lenny 4 years on

Post by welovelabs »

Hi All,

Just updating you that Lenny had been with us 4 years last October, and he is 7 in April. He is loved by all, and visitors and passers by comment on how beautiful he is and we can`t argue with that, his good nature, energy, stature and cute face. You can see why Labs are Britain`s favorite dog.

Back in the summer we took Lenny for a short caravan break to the Lakes, pictures attached, which he loved. He walked us to death but he enjoyed his swim. He was a good lad. We took him into a pub one lunchtime, which we have only done with him about half a dozen times before, and once he had sniffed the other dogs he pretty much settled down under the table, until his sausage arrived, did not beg, and wolfed it down followed by a slopping of water.

He still enjoys his rides in my van, sitting back in the passenger seat and sometimes pawing my arm for a tummy rub. He takes his tennis ball with him, the most favourite of his toys.

We hope you enjoy more Lenny pictures. Our proud top dog.

Denise and Anthony

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Re: Lenny 4 years on

Post by JennyC »

He is absolutely beautiful! Very like Potter who was our beloved Lab before Alfie, now gone to join him.
Jenny, Alfie and Bailey (and Dad!)

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Re: Lenny 4 years on

Post by Melliott »

Wow Lenny it sounds like you landed on all four paws 4 years ago, and your mummy and daddy are also very lucky indeed to be enjoying such great times with you.

I love all your pics especially the ones in the water. Well done for being such a good boy, we look forward to seeing many more pics of your adventures.

Love Michelle X
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Re: Lenny 4 years on

Post by JoanG »

What a lovely update. Lenny is stunning and obviously very loving, the photos in the water and where he is standing on a road looking forward are my favourites. He's obviously brought a lot of fun and happiness into your home you were both lucky to find each other.

Thanks for posting the photos, they are quite rare on here now :love3:
Joan and George x
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Re: Lenny 4 years on

Post by Liz5353 »

Lovely update and really nice photos, thank you so much
Liz Shelly Bonnie Molly Polly
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Re: Lenny 4 years on

Post by 12_paws »

Great pictures of gorgeous Lenny, lovely to read the update,
Des x
& Harley xx
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