All sounds great but the realities....

Due to be put to sleep at 9 weeks old Peppa is now with the rescue where she will be cared for. Peppa now has a future - follow here progress here

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Re: All sounds great but the realities....

Post by LabRes1 »

Update on peppa

I originally thought that further discussions re peppas treatment was prompted by a change in her condition - Kys post corrected that and I have to say I am not connected with her care in any way so.. to correct my incorrect assumption.. Peppa doesnt have any infection -

Her condition was today discussed wit the vet again with a view to referring her to a specialist -

Peppas condition was discussed with a vet and 2 senior vets in the practice used by Ky - vets she trusts which is all that matters

the opinion of the vets is as follows:

Peppas symptoms are text book Juvenile Incontinence Syndrome.

the only test anyone can do is to anaesthatise her and push some radioactive fluids through and x-ray the progress of the liquids, all this will prove is she is incontinent when asleep--something which was proved by them observing her going to sleep and weeing.

Kys vet can do this procedure as can any vet she is referred to BUT we all feel there is no point putting a tiny pup through anaesthesia let alone radioactive stuff in her plus the trauma.

As the housetraining progresses and she gets more of an idea of what is needed when she goes outside hopefully she will wee before bed and so cut down on seepage, of course she will still leak whatever her body makes and sends to her bladder during the night. ( i have to say we had the same situation with Sophie - as she began to toilet outside with the others it did make a difference)

"This is seemingly a very common thing in larger breeds with labs, dobermans and pointers being the most common".

Around the first season once everything starts to settle down the sphincter muscle around the bladder tightens and the problem in most cases rights itself or NEARLY rights itself and then if needed a daily oestrogen tablet usually fixes it.

Ky has worked wonders with this little girl - and will continue to do so. there has never been any doubt that she will see this little girl through to her new life. I suspect what goes on in the background was a bit of a shock to some and an eye opener to others but this is the norm in the life of Labrador Rescue.

Ky took on this little girl determined to give her a new life and a promising future. She is under no illusion of the work that she has to do and there is no doubt there is no better place for little peppa to be

I know a few had concerns not only about the pup but about the time and effort ky was having to put into looking after her but that is what ky does and with the greatest respect - noone will ever change her.

Peppa will have a wonderful future - and that will be because she is in the right place being looked after by the right person. she will have the best - and will end up in a wonderful loving home but for now, she has to do a little growing and receive a lot of care and thanks to ky she will get just that

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Re: All sounds great but the realities....

Post by benjiesmum »

Gosh! Just read all this and quite agree. :2063:

Ky has worked wonders with all the dogs coming into her care. Not only has Ky got the patience of a saint, she is also the right person for this particular job.

Nothing is too much trouble for a dog in need as far as she is concerned. The gang are just a delightful bunch too and they will help Peppa to socialise.

I think it's good that people understand what the rescue actually does to support dogs like Peppa. There is a lot of hard work with her, but the result in the end will hopefully be a good one.

Ky's vet is the same as mine and I know they will be monitoring Peppa's situation very carefully. She couldn't be in a better place right now. :1958:

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Re: All sounds great but the realities....

Post by JoanG »

I've been away virtually since the end of July so haven't managed to get on here much. Having read all Peppa's posts I have to say please, please don't stop the blogs or just give us the " nice" bits I think it's important people know what's involved with helping some of these rescue dogs. My niece took on a badly abused lab that no-one would consider homing, she had a young family and a hectic life but with lots of time, commitment loads of tlc Ben blossomed. She said to me it was her decision to take him and she would do whatever was necessary to help him.

Having met Ky her energy leaves me gasping for air, if she could bottle whatever it is that makes her tick I would be first in the queue for a crateful :rofl: Added to that is her sense of humour it shines through her posts, even when times are bad.

She's obviously got vast experience in dealing with ill or damaged animals and sails through storms that would have scuppered us mere mortals :rofl: :1966:

Long may it continue Ky you are an inspiration and your humour has me laughing out loud.

Joan and George x

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