Peppa puppy and Tia puppy and Tess puppy

Due to be put to sleep at 9 weeks old Peppa is now with the rescue where she will be cared for. Peppa now has a future - follow here progress here

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Peppa puppy and Tia puppy and Tess puppy

Post by Ablineth » 11 Oct 2012, 14:29

Time flys and I realise I have not given the next instalment of the Peppa diaries. :1966:

The weather was a little more kind to us last week and we managed to get some outside jobs done assisted by miss Pissy Pants who has to be clerk of works and inspect everything I do.

Grown up teeth are coming through now and she has 6 at the front giving her a rather cheesy grin.

Last week a friend of mine sadly lost his old dog at 17 and rang me to see if I knew where there was a cross breed puppy. I went onto preloved ( I know :2008: ) and found a puppy " free to good home" so I emailed and offered character and vet references, I got a one line reply " she is yours if you want her" so again I emailed and offered references to be told this time " you sound nice you can have her".

Thursday saw Kay and I going to Anglesey to meet Otis off the boat and so we arranged to meet to collect the preloved pup, we met in a layby and without even asking my name the scrap was handed over. What an adorable puppy, chocolate in colour, a small part lab, a bigger part greyhound with some collie in there too. New puppy, Tia, was put in the double carrier and off to meet Otis.

Peppa puppy and Tia puppy travelled perfectly and when we got home became instant friends, Tia having the build of a greyhound was so fast and Peppa who can be quite lazy and is so chilled decided that rather than race about better to stay in one place and pounce when Tia ran past. It was hilarious and then all at once they both collapsed in a heap and went to sleep.

Friday back onto a show ground to set up a show only this time 2 puppies to take, they romped and played and raced about having a whale of a time, a couple of the committee members did say if my friend did not want Tia they would have her.

Saturday up at 4.30 and persuade the dogs to go out and try and wake Peppa up as she knew it was too early and then load up and off to the show. Peppa now regards it as normal to go to shows and I think she is convinced all the people are coming to see her :rofl: she sits at the side of me and looks at people almost down her nose as if to say " hello, who are you" :1968: it really is funny.

My friend arrived and met Tia, it was love at first sight, he took her for a walk and I could tell from his face he wanted her, he then took the 2 of them to play on the grass and it was fantastic to see them in the sunshine romping and rolling about and amazing to see how fast Tia and her long legs could go. I asked him what he was going to call his new puppy as he had said his old dog was Tina and he felt Tia a little close, after some thought he said he was going to call her...... wait for it....... Ky !!! :1966: :1966: :1966: Can you imagine how confusing the rest of the day was as everytime he called Ky I thought he meant me :1001:

It was really good for Peppa as she went for walks with a few of my friends, very reluctantly I have to point out as she really is a mummy's girl.

At the end of the day we have to knock down all the pens and put them away, all exhibitors have gone so Peppa then gets free to race about and roll about in shavings, drag the lining paper about and generally have fun, she is a star, she quickly learnt where the kitchen was and the ladies making us sandwiches and who can resist puppy eyes not to mention the fact that she sits and looks up at you pleading :1968: :1968:

This week has been just as hectic but for lots of different reasons, we have formed a syndicate to save a duck, long story. :1001:

Tuesday we went to MKF to take Otis as for some reason my Bob did not like him, Otis was fine with the whole gang but Bob was scared of him and so I asked if he could go to MKF. Where I go miss Peppa goes. Now when I pick up my car keys my lot get into their beds and Peppa runs out of the door ready to go somewhere. As usual she travelled perfectly and the only way you know she is in the car is when she drops to sleep and the distinctive aroma of warm pee permeates the air :2009: :2009:

Otis delivered and sorted time for Pissy pants to meet Glenys and Sam again, they both agreed she is growing well and is a really beautiful girl but Glenys did notice even outdoors the niff :1967:

Little Tess puppy was let out to play with her and we stood and laughed as they raced about and ran in and out of the food room. Tess puppy came home with us and Peppa has had a younger playmate again and really enjoyed it. :love6: :love6:

Sooooo not much different to report, Peppa continues to grow, continues to be gorgeous and of course continues to pee. I continue to look after her and do her laundry, a bit like having a personal maid really :rofl: We love her to bits and in many ways are a little glad she is like she is otherwise we would never have met her.

Ky and Peppa pickle pants
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Diesel Kate
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Re: Peppa puppy and Tia puppy and Tess puppy

Post by Diesel Kate » 11 Oct 2012, 19:48

Thanks for all your news Ky. I just don't know how you manage it all . I can only think you have 36 hours in your day :1966:

When I look at what Balee can pee I feel sorry for you. Although Peppa sounds great fun. :love2: Let us hope she comes into season soon (maybe ) and then treatment can be looked at for her.

Some how I get the feeling when she is hopefully better you will find it very hard to rehome her.
Kath, Toby (Balee and Megan - Never out of my thoughts :love2: )

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Re: Peppa puppy and Tia puppy and Tess puppy

Post by warrengl » 12 Oct 2012, 10:20

Another great update on Peppa! Hope puppy Ky is doing well in her new home!

:love2: :love3:
Gill xx

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Re: Peppa puppy and Tia puppy and Tess puppy

Post by kayj » 12 Oct 2012, 10:38

Another busy week in Peppa 's life at Cae Jacob.

Can just imagine the scene of Peppa and Tia running around. :rofl: :rofl:

Lovely to hear that Tia and your friend hit it off straight away :love5: she was a lovely girl who will bring much joy.Good luck young Ky. :love3: :love3:

Look forward to the next blog.

Many thanks Ky. :love3: :love3:


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Re: Peppa puppy and Tia puppy and Tess puppy

Post by Ann Mee » 13 Oct 2012, 12:01

Lovely update Ky, what a busy puppy she is. Good luck puppy Ky in your new home too :love3: :love3:

Ann x
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Re: Peppa puppy and Tia puppy and Tess puppy

Post by rhoda4 » 13 Oct 2012, 13:41

Another great update! Thanks Ky. :love3: :love3:

Ann, Paul & Zac x
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Re: Peppa puppy and Tia puppy and Tess puppy

Post by gillal1 » 14 Oct 2012, 11:54

Thank you Ky for news on Peppa, what a busy life she leads and such a lucky girl

Puppy Ky sounds to have had a very lucky week as well in finding herself a lovely new home thanks to you , Good luck sweetheart you are a very lucky girl things could have been so different for you.
Love your blogs and look forward to next one Ky.

Gill,Milly and Lilly

Emma T
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Re: Peppa puppy and Tia puppy and Tess puppy

Post by Emma T » 14 Oct 2012, 18:43

I love reading the Peppa updates, they never fail to make me giggle, you have such a lovely way of writing Ky. I love the thought of a queenly Peppa greeting her her adoring subjects at the shows, very funny. She sounds like she is growing up so fast.

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