Little Norrie another update

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Re: Little Norrie another update

Post by Rubyshoos » 29 Jan 2013, 00:41

Ky and Geoff you really are amazing!!!
I really do understand the rare situation of a of a Lab not being a normal hoover! My dog Champ has had feeding issues almost form the start when we adopted him from Lab Rescue. This we believe is caused by many problems- what and how he was fed before he was rescued, an allergic reaction to Anti Inflammatory's which nearly killed him and caused his Liver Enzymes to go through the roof and his Pancreas enlarge, Campylobacter which he caught twice it is like Food Poisoning in Humans causing near Anorexia we think he got this from stagnant water-puddles and like Norrie ate to please us and would never eat without us standing watch. He still is really difficult to feed but is much better we have managed to get him down from four small feeds a day to at present once a day- he and Lady are now on Barf Diets without any processed food- Wheat, Yeast and Dairy. I am glad we are now at this point but it has been a long, costly and very time consuming road to get here, so I really do empathise with you!!!!!!!!!!
I will continue to donate especially towards Norrie and my thoughts and love are with you and this little guy.

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