Mobile phones and the law!

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Mobile phones and the law!

Postby Lins » 10 May 2017, 20:33

On a less than 25 minute journey today, in very heavy traffic, I had two vehicles on two separate occasions, behind me b****y texting.

I wondered to myself, is this the result of banning (quite rightly in my opinion) the use of using mobile phones to chat.

Quite frankly, if I had seen any police about, I would have stopped and reported the idiot who followed me some distance. Unfortunately, the traffic was so heavy I was unable to take time to read the number plate through my rear view mirror.

Every time I had stopped at a red light, he was texting. Each time I pulled away on green, he was behind me for a least 3 car lengths before realising traffic was again moving.

I am sick to the back teeth of idiots on the road. I seem to drive for everybody else. I was almost hit head on with an idiot who was either drunk or, on drugs.

Is it just me, or does anyone on here also drive for everybody else?

:2012: :2012: :2012: :2012:

Rant over.
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Re: Mobile phones and the law!

Postby JoanG » 11 May 2017, 06:18

Totally agree there are a lot of idiots behind the wheel but I think texting while driving is rampant, everybody seems to text all the time, you see them in the mirror they have their heads down and you just pray that they don't come into the back of you.

At the weekend we were driving on a local red route where there's always really bad accidents, behind us was a man driving as Paul said a "sewing machine on wheels", and an ancient one at that. We had a massive lorry in front of us, you can only overtake safely in a handful of places but no, first he overtook us just got in in time and then he was behind the lorry. He overtook that coming up to a blind corner, he had no power so was only just past the back wheels when a car came round the corner. We hung right back the lorry had to brake sharply the oncoming car was flashing his lights and braking hard, the sewing machine just kept going and JUST squeezed in before a head on crash. So scarey!!
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Re: Mobile phones and the law!

Postby Morticia1162 » 11 May 2017, 10:06

I think driving standards have dropped generally, no one seems to know the rules of roundabouts anymore, any stretch of straight road is used as a racetrack and 20mile an hour signs might aswell never been put up. :2012:

Perhaps it's an age thing. :1968:
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