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John is an extremely experienced member and trainer of Gun Dogs. Hints, tips and general advice can be found in here which will build into an extremely useful souce of informatation

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I've read this over and over, what sensitive advice, John. My Maxie is arthritic & has got to the stage where she's very slow in the mornings (a bit like me :D ) but with a gentle walk to start the day she does OK. I do feel mean though, because to give Twiglet enough exercise I quite often take her out later in the day on her own & to do some training.

Maxie will be 16 next month, she's also getting deaf (real deafness now unlike the 'selective hearing' that she's always had), but she's happy, loves a cuddle & so enjoys lying near me in the garden. She can still play for a few minutes with Twiglet & enjoys meeting other dogs on the Common. Long may this last.


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