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Post by kathyb »

we are new to this group. we lost our beloved yellow lab, Max on Christmas night. we took him on as a rescue dog, having never had a dog before. he had come to our family from another family with lots of problems. he was overweight , 50kg and had never been socialised. we learnt and grew together. he lost weight, down to 32 kg with good diet and lots of walks in the Yorkshire Dales, where we live. we had lots of love and cuddles and adventures over the years. he was fourteen and a half when we lost him. we are so sad, and finding it very hard to come to terms with. we are not ready for another lab yet. we are finding reading posts from other members really helps us, for that I would like to thank everyone. it is good to know others feel the same .

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Re: hello

Post by Liz5353 »

Hello Kathy it is always a difficult time when we lose a beautiful boy or girl, Max had a lovely life with you, and in time another lucky boy or girl will join your family.
A warm welcome from us and we hope to hear from you again soon.
Liz Shelly Bonnie Molly Polly :2379:

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Re: hello

Post by JoanG »

Hello Kathy and welcome to the Rescue Forum. I'm sorry to read about your boy, Max, it's heartbreaking when they leave us but what an incredible age. I'm sure you have so many happy memories of Max and I hope they will help you to smile again as you remember him.

I think Max was very lucky to find you as you have given him a wonderful life full of love and walks, he wouldn't have lived so long if he hadn't lost all that weight too. It's not easy getting a lab to lose weight so you definitely helped him to enjoy his life to a grand old age.

Glenys always has lovely dogs coming through Rescue so once you feel ready send in your application form. Everyone is different when they lose their best friend, some take on another lab immediately others wait, there's no right time - just when it feels right for you.
Joan and George x

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Re: hello

Post by Lins »

Hi Kathy, just want to offer my sympathy at this very hard time and a warm welcome to the site.

Only you will know when you are ready to welcome another furbaby into your life. Whenever that is, I'm sure Max will approve. It's so sad when you lose them but, remember this, nobody can take your wonderful memories away and he will remain in your heart forever.
Lins, Molly and Scooby

A house isn't a home without at least one Labrador

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Re: hello

Post by jackie »

Welcome to the forum Kathy it is good to have some new members. I am so sorry you have lost your gorgeous boy I know exactly how you feel, I lost one of my Labs in Jan 2018 and can't stop thinking about her, she was my world. I have her half sister still who has really got me through this last year not sure what I would have done without her.

They certainly leave a void and I am not sure I will ever get over that loss but I do feel better in recent weeks, I don't cry everyday (unless I am writing a post like this!) and I am just starting to have a few smiles at her funny ways and antics. I wouldn't have believed it last year but I think time is a healer and I think you have to let yourself grieve too....some people just don't understand the relationship you can have with a dog.

Thinking of you.

Jackie x

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Re: hello

Post by 12_paws »

Hello and welcome Kathy.......
so sorry to read that you have said goodbye to your boy Max, at the moment it must feel so raw and though life is never quite the same again, the way you're feeling now will get better over time.
What a great job you did turning Max's life around and he enjoyed a loving long life, try and take some comfort from that. I do hope in time you'll feel you can love again and give another Lab a place on your sofa but only you will know when the right time is.
Thinking of you,
Sleep tight Max :love2:
Diesel & Harley x x

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