URGENT Can you foster Rosie ?

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Post by billybluemoor »

Rosie is doing well !!

I've updated the Rosie Slideshow with latest photo's of her.

Thank You to everyone who has Donated towards her vet care....it puts my mind at rest !!

vicki chilton

Post by vicki chilton »

What wonderful pics Martin, she looks like a different dog already!

The news that she is doing well has really cheered my day (and my week!)

Bless you for your time and effort into giving back what Rosie was so sadly denied.
Gemma T
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Post by Gemma T »

You're doing a brilliant job!! She doesn't look like the same old girl.

So pleased she's responding so well.
Gemma xx

Post by nicky181 »

:) Oh Martin

She is in such safe hands now, it gives me great joy to see your regular photo's and update's. She looks so much happier too in such a short space of time - mind you I think I Would living with George Clooney!!!! (Billy) :wink:

God Bless you Martin

Lots of love

Nicky x
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Post by Flinty »

Great update Martin.
Yes she is looking better already.

As usual you and your wife are dong a grat job with her and she looks like she is enjoying having Lady and Billy for company.
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Post by jackiem »

What a difference a good manicure does for a lady's wellbeing! (I'm sure the love, food, vetinary care and being in a happy dog-loving home has had a lot to do with it to).
Well done Martin and Kathryn.


Post by billybluemoor »


As you can see, Rosie is happy and contented ! She has a full tummy and lots of love. It's going to take a while before we see a noticeable difference in her weight, but rest assured, she is having the best treatment possible.
As I say, the vet won't operate on her eye until she is at a safe weight and strength, which hopefully won't be too long .
The antibiotic ointment has quickly cleared up her eye infection and she is looking much better.

Thanks to all Rosie supporters out there.....here are the latest photo's !





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Post by Glenys »

Blimey she looks a different dog well done xx

Post by nicky181 »

:shock: Wow what a difference in only a week. she looks happy and contented, I can't believe it and I bet Rosie can't either!!!

Nicky x
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Post by janhind »

There is a definite improvement Martin, you are working wonders, she looks a whole lot happier and her ribs seem to be less prominent already, keep up the good work, jan xx
It is never too late.
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Post by mollymunch »

You and Kathryn are doing a fabulous job, Martin. Keep up the good work, she looks a different dog already.

Alison x
Alison B

Post by Alison B »

She looks so much better,Martin. Happier & healthier.

Well Done! and Thank You

Love Alison & Rosie XXX
Diesel Kate
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Post by Diesel Kate »

She is looking Fantastic. As we new she would in your care. Lovely Photo's

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Kath & Bale

Post by islander1963 »

I am completely amazed at the difference in her, what love safety and food can do, amazing, she is now one lucky lucky girl, such wonderful photographs are so heart warming to see

Ruth x

Post by rosielab »

well done martin she looks better already.
keep up the good work
love sue+girls
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