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Post by kathryn »

Well done to you and Kathryn Martin, she is a credit to you, many many thanks to you both...

Post by billybluemoor »


I think they are watching a wood pidgeon !


Alison B

Post by Alison B »

Great photo, Martin. :)

I hope all goes well tomorrow. I know it'll be a bitter-sweet occasion for you, but you and Kathryn have been absolute saints to this little girl.
You have turned her life around and given her a lovely future which she wouldn't have had were it not for your kindness and commitment to her.
(Not forgetting The Rescue and your vet too :) )

She'll have a lovely life with Alison & her pals in Anglesey I'm sure :D
I look forward to seeing and hearing all about her adventures :D

So Well Done Martin & Kathryn- And Thank You :)

Love Alison & Rosie XXX
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Post by Glenys »

Good luck \martin tommorow I know her new Mum is excited about seeing her.
It will be a sad day for you but look what you have achieved she is a credit to your families love and care.

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Post by Flinty »

Well done Martin.
I am sure all will go well tomorrow and Rosie will thank you for giving her the second chance she deserved.
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Post by benjiesmum »

Good luck tomorrow Martin. I am sure Alison is getting quite excited now. Safe journey - we'll be thinking about you. Make sure you take your passport with you!! LOL!
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Post by Aileen »

Good luck for tomorrow, Martin. I know it will be difficult to part with Rosie, but what a difference you have made to her.
Thank you so much for giving her a second chance at happiness.
Aileen xx

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Diesel Kate
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Post by Diesel Kate »

Good luck to Rosie tomorrow- I know you and Kathryn will miss her along with Billy and Lady, but I am sure she will settle into her new home very quickly.

What a lovely Photo of Rosie and Billy.
Kath, Toby (Balee and Megan - Never out of my thoughts :love2: )
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