ROSIE is ready for a new home !!

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ROSIE is ready for a new home !!

Post by billybluemoor »

GOOD NEWS :lol: and SAD NEWS :( !!

Rosie is now ready for a new loving home !! :lol:

When Rosie has her stiches out in 10 days time sadly my temporary role as Fosterer and Carer will have drawn to a close.
It has been a most happy and rewarding experience !!!
She is such a friendly and affectionate little girl who I'm sure will have no problem finding a new loving home.

She has a clean bill of health from my vet who tells me that all her blood tests prior to her op were perfectly normal and she is a healthy liitle dog.
Her teeth extractions are healing well and she is eating Very Well !!
In fact she will probably gain a little more weight in the next week or so, and after that it's back to a normal diet for a normal healthy dog of her size and age.
She is very lively now and is giving poor 'Billy' and 'Lady' no peace !! :lol:

I'll post more photo's of her when the stiches are out and she is looking at her Very Best !! :)

Many thanks to Glenys for her trust, and to all those of you who have been a tower of strength, support and inspiration, particularly those of you who have donated towards Rosie's Healthcare Fund, ( including the children ), without you all we couldn't have made it !!!

Also, my sincere thanks to my vet, Mr Locke and his staff, and to everyone concerned who has helped to make my endeavours possible !! :)

ROSIE is a little Beauty !!!!

Alison B

Post by Alison B »

Martin, just over a month ago we all became aware of a poor little mite. She was scrap and bone, and had fear in her eyes.


You and Kathryn have worked a miracle on her-Well Done!

Thank You

Love Alison & Rosie XXXX
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Re: ROSIE is ready for a new home !!

Post by Lucy »

Well done for all your hard work , she looks so good 8)
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Post by jackie »

Well done and thank you, she really is a different dog.

Good luck Rosie in finding your new forever home, I am sure it won't be long.

Jackie xx
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Post by janhind »

can someone remind me how old rosie is please, jan xx
It is never too late.

Post by billybluemoor »

Rosie is 12...a very young 12 !!!! :lol:
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Post by Glenys »

Martin you have doen so much for Rosie and also I know you are not well yourself thank you for caring for her hopefully someone will offer her a nice home can you do a description of her,her likes and dislikes so if anyone wnat to offer her a place t live.
and will also put her on homing
Diesel Kate
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Post by Diesel Kate »

Martin and Kathryn.

You are an inspiration to us all. It is quite unbelievable the difference in Rosie from when you took her in to your home. I have seen pictures of abused / ill treated dogs many times but never been able to follow the recuperation of these dogs until I began following the forums on here.

Thank God there are people like you about. Martin look after yourself as well.
Kath, Toby (Balee and Megan - Never out of my thoughts :love2: )
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Post by CarolynM »

With your help Martin and Kathryn Rosie has turned into the beautiful girl that she is now. Your love and care is just what she needed. Thank god that there are people who care.

Good luck Rosie in finding your new home. You are one special girl.


Post by islander1963 »

That is wonderful, fingers crossed Rosie finds her forever home very soon, you have done a wonderful job Martin, Rosie is a great testament to that as are billy and lady, not forgetting the beautiful jet and bella whos lives were so enriched by you

Ruth x

Post by billybluemoor »


ROSIE is a small type 12 year old yellow Labrador bitch... a real softie !
My top priority has always been to restore Rosie to the wonderful happy and healthy dog that she now is.
Since her operation to remove a growth from her eyelid, and some teeth extractions, she is now in very good health, which has always been my primary concern.
Rosie was previously grossly underweight at 19 kilo's, she now weighs 24 kilo's, a normal weight for her size.
Although we have no 'History' on Rosie, my vet staff assure me that she has been speyed, though not by me, and not by the 'Rescue'.

Please check previous updates to read about Rosies progress to good health.

Rosie had been abused and grossly neglected when I first brought her home from the Rescue. With a lot of love and attention she has now regained her self-confidence and has definitely come out of her shell, so much so that she is now attempting to intimidate my two dogs, Lady and Billy, for place as 'Top Dog' and wants to play, but Billy and Lady, are having none of it.
Rosie is a very loving and affectionate little dog who is obedient and good on the lead. She is lively and sprightly for her age and loves going for walks and exploring new sights and smells.
She is also good with both children and other dogs.
She is equally as happy to live the quiet life and just be fussed over and played with but can be demanding when it comes to food and loves her treats and biscuits. She often comes and gives me her paw, or sometimes, two paws when she wants something.
Rosie is a clean and housetrained dog who goes outside for regular wee's ect... and has got into a routine of going in the garden straight after mealtimes and last thing at night.

In my opinion, Rosie will make an ideal pet for someone who would like a loyal and devoted companion in a loving environment where she would not be left alone for too long.
She is not the sort of dog who could manage long walks in all weathers day after day.
She is a happy little girl who would ideally welcome a fireside forever home with a person who can devote their time and affection needed for her twilight years, of which I'm sure there will be many more to come

Believe me, your love would be repaid a thousand fold !!

I will of course be sad to see her go, but my aim was to act as Fosterer and Carer which I can happily say has now been fulfilled, and with 2 big dogs of my own, and my failing health, I have my hands full at present.

So come on....spread the word and let's see if we can't find Rosie the loving home she so richly deserves !!!

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Post by littlelab »

Would you like me to put her story on Labrador forums for you?

You have done an amazing job with her and she looks beautiful

Post by billybluemoor »

YES PLEASE....that would be great, thank you !!!! :)

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Post by benjiesmum »

Having met Rosie when she visited our school, I can quite honestly say she is the biggest softie I have ever met. She was bomb-proof with the children who all tickled and cuddled her. She hasn't got an aggressive bone in her body and all she wanted to do when she met the kids was roll over and have her tummy tickled. She will make someone a really lovely loyal and devoted companion, that's for sure. :) :) :)
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Post by miaelisa »

Martin, what a beautiful little dog she has turned into thanks to you. Your care and love have lit the light in her eyes in her twilight years :sunny:. You and your wife are lovely people! Thank you for saving her life and teaching her what life can be like :angel1: :angel1:!

Love Mia xxx
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