Rosies final updated slideshow !

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Rosies final updated slideshow !

Post by billybluemoor »

Please click on the link below to view Rosies final updated slideshow. ... m=text_url


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Post by Glenys »

Very touching Martin photos thank you and for all you have done for Rosie.xx
Alison B

Post by Alison B »

I can't see for tears :)
Thanks Martin

Alison (Lancs) XXX
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Post by CarolynM »

It brought tears to my eyes - this is what rescue is all about.

You both should be applauded for what you did with Rosie.

Good luck Rosie in your new life.

Gemma T
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Post by Gemma T »

Just an amazing difference. Like the other I filled up watching.
Gemma xx
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Post by kathryn »

lovely Martin... :)
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Post by benjiesmum »

Well that's my mascara well and truly running down my face Martin!!! You can see the expression on her face changing as she becomes a happy contented dog. Wonderful.
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Post by Flinty »

I don't drink but I'll buy you one when I see you Martin!.

A fat dog is just a puppy with a coat on!
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Post by Aileen »

Lovely, Martin. What a change in Rosie. Thank you again for everything you did for her.
Aileen xx

"You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us."

Post by billybluemoor »

Thanks once again everyone for all your special comments... they mean a lot to me !!!

I've just updated Rosies Slideshow to include a 'Happy Ending' in her new home with Alison, Toby & Katie in Wales. ... m=text_url

( We're going to see her in 5 weeks :D :D :D )

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Post by jackie »

You are on count down Martin.....I bet you can't wait you can tell she really took a big piece of your heart with her.

Jackie xx
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Post by janhind »

you are one very special person to be able to do what you do martin, to be able to let them go after time with you must be very difficult, you and kathryn must miss her terribly. :crybaby: seeing her happily settled must be a great reward. jan xx
It is never too late.
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Post by samsung »

Just watched the link all the way though ,
like all loving lab owners i cried , What a differance you made in a few weeks to Rosie's life.
May she continue to be happy with her new mum & dad . What a wonderfull ending to such a sad sad situation .
Alison B

Post by Alison B »

Same here too! :crybaby:

But the happiest ending :)

Love Alison & Rosie (Lancs)XXX
vicki chilton

Post by vicki chilton »

Just watched the updated slideshow....... Yet again I'm bawling my eyes out before bedtime!!

It's just wonderful to see!
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