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Mad Maisie

Post by Mad Maisie »

Love them!!! Love them!!! Oh I feel so happy inside to see Rosie looking so well and happy. I bet you had a great timewith them all!!!

:D :D :D :D :D

Well Done everyone!!!!

Gill, Meg and Maisie.


Post by nicky181 »

Martin fantastic piccys

Not been on for ages - Rosie looks fab I got a real shock. Well done :lol:

vicki chilton

Post by vicki chilton »

Yet again absolutely Fantastic photo's........

Wonderful to see Rosie so happy, healthy and content! (Not forgetting how gorgeous the other models are too!!!)

Great stuff Martin!! :wink:
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Post by Blakey »

Oh my goodness - they're lovely photos and what well behaved doggies all 5 are.

Great to see that Rosie has settled well.




Post by miaelisa »

:love2: :love2: Absolutely lovely! It's just great to see Rosie's great new life! Thank you, Martin for helping her come this far. Lady and Billy are as gorgeous as ever. Hope you and your lovely dogs have a great summer :sunny: :sunny:

Love Mia & Tilda xx
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Post by JacksDad »

What a lovely gang :lol:

Alison I quite agree with you about labs ears....Jack has a lovely pair of velvet ears
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