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Post by billybluemoor »


( Sub-titled, ''Making a Difference'' )




Rosie's New Family - Rosie Katie & Toby.

And in case newcomers to the site don't recognise her, this one is of Rosie shortly after being Rescued !

Alison, Rosies new 'Mum' has very kindly emailed me with the latest news and photo's of Rosie.

Rosie has had a wonderful happy summer with her new family and doggy companions Toby & Katy. Apparently she has taken a liking to stealing from the vegetable garden and the fencing has now had to be made 'Rosie-proof' !!
What a wonderful outcome for Rosie, and such a marvellous 'Rescue Story' she has made.
In my opinion these latest photo's represent a simply stunning example of the work of 'Labrador Rescue', and are a wonderful tribute to our many supporters who's kindness and generosity have made it all possible.
As Rosies foster/carer I would just like to say that it has been a great priveledge to have been a part of Rosies rehabilitation and I am absolutely overjoyed to see her having such a wonderful time. I would also like to pay tribute to Alison for very kindly and generously providing Rosie with such a lovely home.
And last but not least, my admiration and heartfelt thanks goes out to Glenys for her personal friendship and support. Without Glenys Rosies story could have had a very different ending....
In fact without Glenys there would be no story at all.

I'm sure that everyone who has supported and followed Rosie's Story from the first dreadful days of starvation and cruelty through to good health and happiness will be absolutely overjoyed at such a heartwarming outcome.

'Rosie' is featured in the new 'Labrador Rescue' 2009 calender - 'February' !
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Post by Flinty »

Wonderful Martin, just wonderful
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Post by benjiesmum »

Those photographs are just unbelievable, Martin. She has been transformed into a stunningly beautiful dog. WOW!!!!!! :shock: :D
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Post by jackiem »

Rosie looks so proud of herself. Poor little mite looked terrible when she first came to the attention of the Rescue.
Well done to all concerned.
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Post by Glenys »

Your commitment to Rosie was a great act of kindness and compassion Martin and her New family as well.

We are so lucky we have this wonderful site and wonderful supporters its also nice that because of the site we can receive updates on the progress of the dogs (how did we manage without internet ? )
I am goint to do a post now " helping Gemma " please watch for it coming on later.
But it was a reminder how far we have come as the Team helper who is involved with Gemma is in fact herself named Gemma and she said (all will become clear) the gentleman had all your newsletters going back many years ,well in fact now Kathryn and I put together our writings and send it on A4 sheets by email to Ian and Carolyn and they check it edit it and somehow it manages to be presented on one A4 sheet amazing,but I digress at one time I had to handwrite the newsletters and then get them photo copied and write out all the envelopes but now its so much easier.

Anyway Martin thank you for the compliment I am proud to be working with the dedicated Team ( of which you are a valued member we have and the wonderful supporters xx
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Post by janhind »

She looks like a different dog, and its all down to the care that you and alison have given Martin, she looks so content with her new brother & sister.

jan xx
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Post by jackie »

Lovely to see her looking so well and so happy with her new brothers and sisters :)

Jackie x

Post by aliandwills »

She looks just FAB!
I'm stunned at the transformation.
Alison xx
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Post by Lucy »

What a beauty and doesn't she look a picture of health ! 8)
Gemma T
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Post by Gemma T »

Oh Rosie's brought me to tears - yet again!!! This time though they're tears of happiness. What a difference - she just looks amazing. No-one seeing her now could have any idea of the life she had before. Brilliant job to everyone involved!!
Gemma xx
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Post by kathryn »

Dosent Miss February look wonderful :) I put her as Miss February as she is sitting in front of daffodils on her picture in the calendar, so those of you with a calendar will is an honour to have her in there, and a tribute to Martin and Kathryn for all their hard work fostering her and getting her strong for her new family..
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Post by carolb »

Rosie looks fantastic- a credit to all involved! :)
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Post by Aileen »

What a wonderful transformation and it's all down to everyone involved in her rescue.
She's a complete credit to you and a picture of what Lab Rescue is all about :)
Aileen xx

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Diesel Kate
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Post by Diesel Kate »

Martin what lovely photo's of Rosie. Although lots of people were involved with Rosie, you and Kathryn should feel proud of the work that you both did in getting Rosie back to health.

Kath, Toby (Balee and Megan - Never out of my thoughts :love2: )
Mad Maisie

Post by Mad Maisie »

WOW!!!!! How fantastic does Rosie look :D :D :D

Oh my I am so happy for Rosie. Well done to all concerned.

Her brother and sisiter are great also. What lovely photos!!!

Gill, Meg and Maisie

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