Some of the many special dogs we have helped over the years.

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Postby Glenys » 18 Jun 2018, 12:33

When I first founded this rescue in 1995 I had previously coordinated another rescue and I think I turned it round as well, something which seemed a good idea at first to being a trivial often ignored (at that time) by some it’s a long story and of no importance now but when this rescue for formed it was so it wasn’t what I call “ dial a dog” it was hands on meeting new owners assessing the dogs much like a match making procedure which is what it really is making sure dogs and people were right for each other. I came across a lot of hostility from other rescues also not recognised by the giant organisations .
Of course it was very difficult using boarding kennels involving many trip to and from 50 miles round trips at latest 5 times a week and of course very little money this rescue was formed by our only money at that time £50 and a loan from a friend of £300 and a dream, a dream of making a difference to the many unwanted Labradors and the people who wanted to change their lives .
There was no internet and no social media we relied on word of mouth ,adverts in local papers ,yellow pages etc .
In 2003 we moved to Malt Kiln farm the dream was becoming a reality and over the years our reputation overtook the Nay Sayers and holier than thou critics and became a much loved and respected Rescue who consider the friends and supporters as yes exactly friends ! Thanks to the kindness of people we can carry on our story its a long one with highs and lows , with heartache and joy but when we see the many dogs and happy families and be happy to help people who sadly have to give up their dogs for whatever reason we think it works don’t you ?
Also not forgetting the many past coordinators and volunteers and supporters who helped along the way.
We now have the greatest team the greatest supporters as I’ve said many times cogs in the wheel which is labrador rescue North west xx
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