Fergus update

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Fergus update

Post by Glenys » 08 Apr 2019, 17:20

It’s Fergus’ 4th birthday today - we adopted him in Nov 2015 and he’s my constant companion in my office each day - he’s becoming a real couch or should I say chair potato but he’s adorable and we love him to bits


His story in 2015

Also in November we have Fergus
This young ten month old boy was run over by his owner in a farm accident he did have an operation but needed further x-rays and physio and swimming sadly his owner was not prepared to spend any more money the option for him was to put him to sleep Fergus arrived in rescue and a foster home was quickly found in a lovely Lady called Stephanie
The first report was he settled well and was booked into Cheshire Pets and then referred to Physio Vets in Crewe who have a swimming pool and full physio facilities the Vet said his age was in his favour the vets gave Coatex shampoo as he was itchy he still had tyre and burn marks on his back from being run over .
I am happy to report that whilst he is still having Physio funded by our rescue he has got his feet well and truly under the table at Stephanie’s I think it’s safe to say he has his forever home.
Thank you to everyone and our lovely supporters too who make our work possible and we are proud to call ourselves the rescue Team we also consider anyone who helps in any way a special part of our extensive caring team joined together in our love of Labradors.
Please email one of the coordinators if you cannot get through on the phone stating CLEARLY the reason for your call only if you are approved
Gina 07572438871 email ginaboyd@btconnect.com
Katie tel 07484724282 email Kjohnson4004@aol.com
Michelle 07956275871 Michellefryer95@gmail.com
Glenys 01257 452500 labrador.rescue@btinternet.com

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Re: Fergus update

Post by 12_paws » 08 Apr 2019, 22:46

He's absolutely gorgeous! Great to read that Fergus has done so well after such an awful accident.
Des x
Diesel & Harley x x

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Re: Fergus update

Post by Patmar » 09 Apr 2019, 10:15

What a beautiful boy ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Fergus

Pat, Zach and Jake x x x

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Re: Fergus update

Post by Liz5353 » 09 Apr 2019, 11:24

What a lovely update, Fergus you are such a handsome boy.
We are very pleased that you are so well
:2808: have a great day.
Liz Shelly Bonnie Molly Polly x

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