Update on Cassie

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Re: Update on Cassie

Post by andrea »

Fantastic update. I knew Cassie from being a puppy and she was always a little stunner. Great to see how happy she is with the lovely Poppy. Cassie will just love having a sister.

Please give her a hug from us. :bighug:

Andrea, Reuben and Skye xxx

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Re: Update on Cassie

Post by kasisalo »

marieb wrote:Its now coming up to a year since Cassie adopted us as her new family, so we would just like to reassure her previous mum (Karen) that she couldn't have settled in with us any better and is having a lovely new life with us and her adopted sister Poppy.

The dogs have made lots of new doggy friends during the many beach and park walks we take them on. Both Cassie and Poppy love ball and (or) stick chasing with each other, although Cass would rather paddle than swim!

Cassie is a very loyal and loving dog who is not afraid to show her affection with lots of slobbery kisses!

I've attached a Photobucket video of them playing in the local park.

Many thanks to Glenys and all her staff at Labrador rescue for doing such a fantastic job!

Best wishes, Marie and Chris x

Thankyou so so much for this Marie

I have just this minute found this video, I have tried to to find all Cassies update posts for so long but I could not for the life of me remember my password. I could get on this site but could not get into my messages, I kept going on the succesfully rehomed bit but it just came up with Cassies adoption details. I had been having a good clear out and found a box with junk and stuff in it and i found an old phone, I managed to charge it up and found lots of photos still on and also my old passwords for different things, including this password!

I ALWAYS think about Cassie, she gets mentioned so much. I definately did the right thing with Cassie. The first year here was a bit of a nightmare, with finding jobs, and finding rentals, we felt like gypsies, living here and there, we were homesick, didnt think I would be but it really hit me hard. Australia is lovely, but for dogs I think they have the best lifestyle in the UK, reason being, in the summer it gets soooo hot, you have to take your dogs out very early before the hot sun starts, the sand and the pavements get too hot to walk on, whereas in Uk you take it for granted you can go out anytime of day. Snakes here are another issue, a couple of people i know have lost there dogs through snake bites, my old girl Tess i adopted a couple of years ago, she is terrible for wanting to run into the sandunes on the beach, i always take a bag of treats to help entice her back :oops: She would love the English countryside running through all the woodlands. Your aslo pretty much restricted on the beaches and can only walk so far untill your not allowed or have to put them back on the lead, whereas when i walked Cassie we went all over. I also hate hearing the dogs panting so much when its hot, i never leave my two outside, they live indoors with the aircon on, I even moved house for one with a pool for the dogs so they could cool down in the summer, and they dont use it :1966:

I just wanted to say thanks for the update and to let you know I hadnt forgot about her, Cant wait for everyone to get in from work to show them. Cassie looks so happy and content. Give her a big :bighug: and one for Poppy as well :bighug: :2362: :2362:

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Re: Update on Cassie

Post by marieb »

Hi everyone

Sorry that we haven't posted for a while. Cassie and Poppy are now nearly 10 and a half years old but still have enough energy to act like young girlies from time to time and chase each other on the beach. Cassie has a bit of arthritis in one hip but otherwise both girls are very healthy and fit. They still love their daily walks and romping in the local coastal park although Cassie never got the taste for swimming like Poppy. Lovely doggie holidays have been had in Devon and the North Pennines. Hope you like the pictures.

I am late buying the 2018 calendar and can't find them on the website - are they sold out?

Love to everyone at Lab Rescue

Marie and Chris

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Re: Update on Cassie

Post by Joe + Hilary »

Hello Marie and Chris

It was good to read your update of Cassie and Poppy. I remember when you adopted Cassie and her 1st Mum being pleased to hear how happy she was with you. I hope she she's this update in time also. Glad the dogs are still enjoying life.

Hilary, Rowley & Douma

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