A trip down the Wye

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Re: A trip down the Wye

Post by jackiem »

If it is any consolation, we had a BBQ last week and the only way that Bob was allowed was on his lead. I just would not trust him with all that food about. :2361:He's just a little more subtle than Monty :rofl:
We have a brilliant photo of him staring into someone's pocket having tried unsuccessfully to nibble his way into the treats it contained.
Like Gill with Reuben, it would take days to try to recount all the missing food tales.

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Re: A trip down the Wye

Post by Joe + Hilary »

Monty sounds a loveable character!!!!! My hubby thinks we have a potential Monty. Good luck over the summer. Thanks for giving us a laugh. The book was really good.

Seriously, it is a shame you felt you had to take him home from the bar-b-que, hope he improves for you and/or you manage ok this summer.

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Re: A trip down the Wye

Post by Victoria68 »

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Re: A trip down the Wye

Post by Lins »

Unfortunately, I can't see any piccys :shock: The heading says "This album is private".

I can imagine what Monty looks like though..............somethig like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth :1967:

Gave us all a good laugh :rofl: :rofl:
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Re: A trip down the Wye

Post by Simbasmum »

Oh dear - you need to read this
But it did make me giggle!
When one door closes another door ALWAYS opens- and we may never know what the grand plan is, but believe me, the universe will give you everything you deserve if you just have faith. Karma is a beautiful thing.

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