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Posted: 26 Jul 2013, 13:25
by rinman

Will someone, in idiot proof language tell me how to post up a photo of Georgie on to my profile, i.e. forum. I already have on my lap-top photos of Georgie and my black lab Mac but have no idea how to transfer them. I've tried and tried. Sad isn't it!!! :rofl:

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Posted: 26 Jul 2013, 16:17
by eamonnmoore
me too, :2019: join the club

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Posted: 26 Jul 2013, 16:22
by JoanG
Willow (Joanna) seems to be the one who can help people put their photos on. I used to be able to do it but now our computer will not entertain Photobucket or other sites like that they send the thing haywire.

You could try sending her a private message in case she hasn't seen your post.

Joan x

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Posted: 26 Jul 2013, 17:33
by janhind
To put pics on you need to open an account with photobucket -
Upload your pics to your photobucket account and once you have done that you copy the link to the pics into your posting, With your picture on screen, select the IMG Code, from the boxes on the right of the picture, copy and paste the text into your posting where you want the picture to appear. your picture will appear as text only in the post, until you actually preview or post it, good luck.

jan xx

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Posted: 28 Jul 2013, 18:51
by Sandyloucooper1
I have my picture on photo bucket but where's the link you copy I can't do it I must be stupid!

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Posted: 28 Jul 2013, 18:55
by Melliott
You need to highlight the IMG code and right click to copy, then paste into your posting on here.

Good luck

Michelle X