Update on Kimi (previously little boy Max)

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sally elliott
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Update on Kimi (previously little boy Max)

Post by sally elliott »

Kimi truly is the most wonderful labrador ever. He's now almost 2 years old and we've had him for about 20 months now and how he's changed our lives. He's learnt to sit, stay, wait, walk on and off the lead to heel, recall and sit at some distance to the whistle. He lives happily alongside our 2 jack russells, cats, chickens and horses. He absolutely loves travelling with us in the car or horsebox, going for long walks or away on holiday with us. We think he enjoys living with us and we absolutely adore him!
But in March disaster struck when he became very seriously ill with acute haemorrhagic gastroenteritis. It was truly terrible he spent 10 days in our own vets practice where he was just gradually deteriorating, he wouldn't eat was pooing blood all the time, had an IV line straight into his jugular and a naso gastro tube fitted to try and get liquid food into him..... We were visiting him 3 times a day to try and lift his spirits. Twice we were called in with the words 'we think its time..' but then he'd lift his head and wag his tail when he saw us so we knew he still had some fight left in him. We decided to move him to a specialist practice and they turned him round...I think the specialist there must be an angel, she was so fantastic with both Kimi and us and miraculously under their care he started to improve. For 5 days we visited daily(100 mile round trip) and then were allowed to bring him home. He looked terrible after having lost so much weight but we'd got him home! We couldn't quite believe it after having been in the depths of despair so many times those previous two weeks.
So since then he's mostly gone from strength to strength, he looks fantastic again and is back to his wonderful happy self. He's not quite out of the woods and is still having monthly blood tests to check on his progress. He's still a little obsessive about pooing which might need some further checking but we are just so grateful to have him back with us.
Kimi is our first labrador and we remain truly grateful to Carol who helped us to adopt him and to all the vets and vet nurses who helped save him.....also the insurance company..thank heavens he was insured!

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Re: Update on Kimi (previously little boy Max)

Post by Glenys »

I am so Glad Kimi is better now thank you for highlighting that things do go wrong but with the wonders of Veterinary care these days there is always hope and as you say thank goodness for insurance.
Thank you for the update I will tell Carol B l as she is not ( sadly) on the team now due to family circumstances she will be pleased to read this.

:love5: :love5:
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Re: Update on Kimi (previously little boy Max)

Post by Willow »

Wow, what an update! Kimi sounds like an absolute treasure; he's a real star to have battled through such a trauma :love2:
Now you simply must publish some photos! I'm really looking forward to seeing pictures of your courageous boy :love5:
Joanna & Toby xx
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Diesel Kate
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Re: Update on Kimi (previously little boy Max)

Post by Diesel Kate »

What a traumatic time you had with Kimi, you must have been going out of your minds with worry. :2009:

As you say Thank Goodness for Insurance and thank Goodness for your wonderful vets for turning the corner for him.

Sending :bighug: 's to Kimi to continue on his way to full recovery.

:love3: :love3: :love3: For you
Kath, Toby (Balee and Megan - Never out of my thoughts :love2: )

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