Hi I'm New Just saying Hello

Share your story about your rescued dog - good or bad!

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Hi I'm New Just saying Hello

Post by bbudgie33 »

Hi I am new to this forum We used to have a lovely Black Labrador called Jet, who sadly we had to put to sleep two days before his eighth birthday due to a large growth found in his lung and also his heart. We had him from a puppy, and he had the most amazing personality, so gentle and calm, we have also got Archie who is a Cocker Spaniel he is 16 months old and has helped me get over Jet as he is a little mischief and very in your face and loving.
We thought we would have many more years with Jet but it wasnt meant to be.
I joined this forum as I would be interested one day in getting another Labrador my husband has banned this at the moment as he said it would be too much,but maybe later on.
Thanks for reading this :1971:

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Re: Hi I'm New Just saying Hello

Post by 12_paws »

Hi :hello2:
Good to hear from you and welcome to the forum!
I'm sorry to read about your beloved boy Jet, it's always hard but must have been devastating to loose him at such an age. Jet sounds like he had a wonderful nature (it would be lovely if you felt that you could share a picture of him with us) and hopefully in time OH will come round and you will find room in your home and heart for a friend to join live-wire Archie.
Des x
Diesel & Harley x x

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Re: Hi I'm New Just saying Hello

Post by mollie »

Hi and welcome :1939:

How sad to lose Jet at a relatively young age. As you say, you expect to have them for years. My sister's friend has lost his Rottweiler this week at only 7. Very sad.

Lovely to see that you have a new little friend though. I don't think there's a better way of getting over the loss.

My hubby wasn't keen on having two - until Tilly, our second one arrived. He's besotted with both our two. Perhaps in time, yours will come round.

Nice to have another person on the Forum!
Mr Bumpy - always in our hearts xx

Marge, Jess and Tilly xx

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Re: Hi I'm New Just saying Hello

Post by Lins »

Welcome to the forum from us too.

I wouldn't put money on your husband caving in. We have Mollly and Scooby from the rescue. Two better dogs and a better rescue you couldn't wish for.
Lins, Molly and Scooby

A house isn't a home without at least one Labrador

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Re: Hi I'm New Just saying Hello

Post by jackie »

Sorry to hear about Jet it must be awful to lose a dog before its time, they do not live long enough as it is. Anyway welcome to the forum :love3:
Jackie x

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Re: Hi I'm New Just saying Hello

Post by Megsmum »

Welcome to this wonderful site :2362: - everyone is very helpful, friendly and full of good advice when you need it. Beware though - it's very addictive!
I'm so sorry to hear that you have lost your lovely boy, especially at such a young age. I hope you eventually manage to persuade your husband to have another labrador. Meanwhile, a :bighug: to Archie who sounds as though he's quite a character!
Helen and Mollie x
Helen and Merry x

Remembering my beautiful Meg 1992-2008 and my darling Mollie 2009-2018

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Re: Hi I'm New Just saying Hello

Post by Willow »

Hi and welcome to the forum :occasion7:
So sorry to read about the loss of dear Jet; many of us have experienced similar heartbreak with the loss of our furry friends. I feel there is something particularly sad about losing a dog you've had from a pup :( Jet has left you with wonderful memories no doubt, so enjoy them :love2:
Archie sounds great fun (cocker spaniels are my second favourite breed!) though I'm not sure we could cope with a particularly silly one :1968: We have Toby, a lovely chocolate boy from the Rescue. He's a bit of an elderly statesman these days (10 next birthday) but an absolute pleasure.
Good luck with the second dog crusade xx
Joanna & Toby xx
Willow, my labrador soulmate, my one in a million..
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Joe + Hilary
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Re: Hi I'm New Just saying Hello

Post by Joe + Hilary »

Sorry to read you have lost your Jet. It is good that you have Archie to help, as I knowhe will. Also can confirm that another dog or labrador would help will the Jet spaces around the place so continue to try to convince OH.

Hilary x

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Re: Hi I'm New Just saying Hello

Post by JoanG »

So sorry to read about the loss of your beloved Jet I lost my first labrador at 8 years and I know how you feel, it's like you've been cheated out of seeing your boy grow old. It took my husband 5 years before he agreed to have another dog as he was so upset when Cass died and it was an ultimatum from me that it had been long enough and I was going ahead anyway. Wish I'd done that sooner.

Your little cocker spaniel, Archie sounds wonderful I love the breed although some can be full on rocket powered characters, we've got a couple in the village who just never stop for breath when out in the fields :rofl:

Hope you do manage to persuade your husband to get another lab, they really are heart stealers.

Joan x
Joan and George x

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