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IZZY - Adopted Dec 2013

Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 16:08
by IZZY123
My husband and I lost our golden lab (Zippy) sadly in 2011 due to complications from epilepsy, we had had him from a puppy and to lose him just 1 day after his 10th birthday seemed far too soon. After losing Zippy it soon became apparent that we missed not sharing our life with a Labrador and so after careful consideration we registered with Labrador Rescue in October 2013 and were soon matched with Izzy.

Izzy is a beautiful black Labrador of gun dog stock who was 3 at the time of adoption. Sadly she could no longer we worked as a gun dog due to a terrible fear of gun shot noise and bangs. We met Izzy on a Saturday morning early December and instantly fell in love with her - she was playful and loving and had the craziest wagging tail that hasn't stopped wagging in 6 months.

Having never had a female dog we were plunge into a world of new territory almost immediately as were told by our vet she was in season within our first week!!! Thus delaying the planned spay operation. She then unfortunately went into a 3 month long false pregnancy which unnerved her together with all the changes. She finally had a spay operation in March and is now a very happy girl.

We took her to the Lake District recently for a weeks holiday and she loved running in and out of the lakes chasing toys. She is an absolutely adorable girl who is as happy sitting having a cuddle as running around chasing a ball.

Thank you very much to Labrador Rescue for finding Izzy for us she is very special and very much loved.

(Have tried to attach a photo but not sure how?)

Lots of love
Jenni and Robert Latham

Re: IZZY - Adopted Dec 2013

Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 16:33
by Glenys
That is a lovely update thank you and for the kind words if you send me the pics I can upload them.

Best wishes Glenys

Re: IZZY - Adopted Dec 2013

Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 16:44
by mollie
Fabulous update :1951: :1951:

Izzy has landed herself a Five Star life and home! Lucky girl.

Reading updates like this make you realise what a great job Rescue do. Lovely homes for dogs and mending broken hearts into the bargain!

Re: IZZY - Adopted Dec 2013

Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 17:57
by Melliott
Lovely update, understand the false pregnancy thing, our Millie had one and it played havoc with her hormones. Glad all sorted now.

Love Michelle X

Re: IZZY - Adopted Dec 2013

Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 18:03
by Lins
Thank you so much for your update on Izzy. I love to read these updates, it makes all the efforts (and then some) that the team put in even more worthwhile. :love3:

Re: IZZY - Adopted Dec 2013

Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 18:56
by LabLover
Lovely update and by the sound of it Izzy has landed on all 4 paws :1971:

Glad everything is sorted now and that Izzy has brought happiness back into your lives :love5:

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Amanda Jim Milo Zak & Max x

Re: IZZY - Adopted Dec 2013

Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 21:54
by coco-bean
Well done Izzy for bring so much happiness to your owners. :love5:

Glad you are all sorted now. :thumbup:

Would love to see them photo's.

Re: IZZY - Adopted Dec 2013

Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 23:32
by Megsmum
What a lovely update! So pleased to hear that Izzy has brought you such love and happiness. :1951: :1951:
Yet another happy ending! Thank you to all those whose hard work made it possible :love3: :love3:

Re: IZZY - Adopted Dec 2013

Posted: 22 Jun 2014, 16:49
by IZZY123
Many thanks to everyone for the lovely comments (Glenys I have emailed you some pics of Izzy), Izzy has enjoyed another lazy sunday in the sun and diving/swimming for her toys in the river at Garstang.