Message from Molly

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Message from Molly

Post by Geddog » 27 Aug 2014, 21:46

Well well well, what an exciting 24 hrs. I am sat writing this while my new dad watches the football, mum has just popped out. I met my new mum and dad only yesterday afternoon, what a surprise when they turned up to meet me.
I have been lucky because I have had a good life, but due to circumstances I arrived at Eccleston.
What a great bunch they are there, I thought this place is good, then I heard that I would have to move again. That's why I had visiter's yesterday, they were in the yard when I bounced out of my kennel and in two shakes the three of us were down the field getting to know each other.

I must have made an impression because after some chat with Glenys I was being asked if I fancied a move. Well I thought why not and not long after me and mum were inserted in the back of the car and dad driving towards the M61.
It seemed quite a journey, must be more than 50 miles but never mind time passed as we all chatted. Then shock horror I discovered I was in YORKSHIRE, well what could I do, thought just see how it goes. When we arrived at my new home I thought this doesn't look two bad, then another shock when I realised the master of the house was OSCAR the CAT. At first he seemed a nasty piece of work, but mum and dad assured me that he wasn't that bad and things would be OK once we all got to know each other.
Since then things have been great, I have had the run of the place, we have been out 3 times to the park, I have had a bath and best of all spent all day with dad. Most importantly when mum got home from work the four the 4 of us in the family sat outside and sorted things out. We all played together and would you believe it me and Oscar while not the best of best buddies are now quite friendly. Just goes to show that a good chat and some fun play can work wonders. Well mum's home now, dad's got his hot chocolate so it will soon be bedtime and to be honest I am pretty worn out.
Hope to give an update soon and dad's say's he will take some photo's to send you all.

Goodnight to all my friends Molly

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Re: Message from Molly

Post by littleorp2 » 27 Aug 2014, 22:17

Hi Molly
Glad you have landed on all 4paws in your new home. Yorkshire sounds good, don't they have puddings there?

Cats are okay as long as you let them think they're the boss, that's what I do with mine and we get on great.
Hope your mum can get some pics of you ask her to put them on under general doggy chat cos that's where people seem to read most and you might get missed otherwise.
I'm off to bed now too, I've had a busy evening taking the cushions in the conservatory out to the garden, only for mum to bring them all in again, she's no fun.
Look forward to hearing about you all
Licks Tasmin xxx :
Carol and Tasmin

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Re: Message from Molly

Post by Glenys » 27 Aug 2014, 22:18

Brilliant really great thank you :love5:
Please email the coordinators if you cannot get through on the phone stating CLEARLY your phone number and confirming you are on our waiting list or need help with homing a dog
Gina 07572438871 email
Glenys 01257 452500
Katie tel 07484724282 email

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Re: Message from Molly

Post by mollymunch » 28 Aug 2014, 07:16

What a lovely update and with a promise of photos too. Thanks for giving Molly a lovely new home :love3:

Alison x

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Re: Message from Molly

Post by Willow » 28 Aug 2014, 08:39

Lovely to hear that you are settling in so well Molly. Bad luck about Yorkshire but we all have our crosses to bear :1968: :1968:
Sounds like you chose well Molly, you lucky girl. Looking forward to the piccies now :1972:
Joanna & Toby xx
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Re: Message from Molly

Post by coco-bean » 28 Aug 2014, 09:16

Well Molly you sound like you have landed on all 4 paws.

Mum just looked at your photo and thinks you are sooo cute. :love5:

I have a cat here too but we don't really play together, he is old and I am young so I don't think that helps.

Mum said if I stop jumping and running after him we would be ok as he lived ok with mums last dog. I just want to play though.

Hope you have a great time in your new home.

Debbie, Coco & Kinder X

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Re: Message from Molly

Post by Liz5353 » 29 Aug 2014, 09:50

Hello Molly
I am so pleased that you have found a wonderful home and so many new places to explore,we also have a Molly and chocolate too.
I am sure once you get over the shock you will love Yorkshire we love it and visit sometimes.
We look forward to hearing more you are a lucky girl.
Liz Harriet Shelly Bonnie n Molly :bighug:

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Re: Message from Molly

Post by Eeyorebev » 31 Aug 2014, 22:25

Dear Molly ,
Spunds like you have landed on yr paws.
And Yorkshires not that bad - I had a big shock too, I was taken out of England, and have to Live in Wales!!! LOL
Love Max.

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Re: Message from Molly

Post by jackie » 01 Sep 2014, 09:29

Great news Molly pleased you found such a lovely family so quickly. I think you are going to have many, many happy days together :1972:

Jackie x

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Re: Message from Molly

Post by JoanG » 01 Sep 2014, 20:02

Pleased you've settled in so well Molly Yorkshire looks great to me although I know from some of the posts that the word Yorkshire can unsettle some of the folks on here :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I had an even worse journey I've ended up a Southerner :shock: (well not a real Southerner but south of Leicester anyway) but do you know it's not bad here you soon get used to the accent :rofl: :rofl:

Looking forward to seeing some photos of you in your new home.

George x
Joan and George x

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Re: Message from Molly

Post by Melliott » 01 Sep 2014, 20:20

Hi Molly, I was a Geordie, but when I came to my forever home I became a Yorkshire Lad and I love it by heck :thumbup:

Hope you will be happy too.

Love Barney X
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