Lenny`s Second Xmas

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Lenny`s Second Xmas

Post by welovelabs »

Merry Christmas All,

Just drop a few lines about Lenny, who is enjoying his second Christmas with us, and hoping you are all having a good time.

This time last year Lenny was helping himself to items on the worktop and emptying the dustbin, but this stopped many months ago and now we don`t need to think twice about leaving food out, although he will stand in the middle of the kitchen sniffing the air, not begging, and he do`s not even bother with the dustbin anymore.

He continues to enjoy being outside at any opportunity, casually wandering around the garden, sitting on the drive and watching vehicles and people go by. He greets visitors with a proud stance, tail wagging and ball in mouth. Sometimes giving a bark to get noticed, but loves to be with us walking, working and throwing the ball. The trips to the beach give him loads of fun and exercise, and he gets so excited as we arrive on the sand.

Lenny has started to make friends with one of our so called semi-feral cats. They stand nose to nose, Lenny tail waging and Thomas`s tail swishing. He rolls his ball to Tom and wants him to play, and gives a bewildering look when Tom just walks away. He rolls it under the gate to the pigs and waits for it to return, but we end up going in to get it before they destroy it.

We are so proud of Lenny and love him to bits.

Father Christmas had to call in on way past to delivery Lenny a new collar, bed, dish and drinking bowl, packets of chews and some Jumbones.

Wishing you all well.


Denise, Anthony & Lenny

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Re: Lenny`s Second Xmas

Post by Willow »

Lucky Lenny, his life sounds great fun xx
Joanna & Toby xx
Willow, my labrador soulmate, my one in a million..
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Re: Lenny`s Second Xmas

Post by 12_paws »

How very rude of the pigs and Thomas not to throw the ball back :rofl:
Lovely to hear how well Lenny is doing, sounds like he has his paws under the table!
Des x
Diesel & Harley x x

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Re: Lenny`s Second Xmas

Post by Glenys »

Well done Lenny xx

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Re: Lenny`s Second Xmas

Post by JoanG »

Fantastic update, just goes to show with kindness and understanding some counter surfers and food stealers can change :). Although Glenys' Nell and Jackie's Bob show this doesn't always work :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry Bob and Nell I hope we will hear a bit more in 2015 of your food stealing antics. :s6:

Joan x
Joan and George x

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Re: Lenny`s Second Xmas

Post by jackie »

Aw sounds like you have really turned Lenny's life around, he also sounds such a character.

Pleased you are all enjoying having him around, thanks for the great update.

Jackie x

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