More About Lenny

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More About Lenny

Post by welovelabs »

Hi All,

It has been a while since we posted updates about Lenny, and he has been with us now for almost two and a half years, being 5 in April.

You will pleased to know he is very well, fit and healthy. Passing his vet checks with flying colours. Lenny continues with his cold tea and toast at breakfast.
He still has an abundance of energy, walking US to death and chasing his tennis balls, and all the open space around here gives him every opportunity to explore. His feline friend, Tom, tags along for some of the night walks and makes us laugh to see them walking side by side in the torch/moonlight.

He is such a loving and affectionate boy, and we are continually rewarded with his actions. Crawling along the floor, squeaking his toy bone and making growling noises, carrying his 'Little Ted' around the kitchen and resting his head on your knee.

We are so glad we chose Lenny.

We have posted some pictures. Just hope they come through okay!!!

Wishing everyone the best.


Denise, Anthony, Jennifer and Sam

[URL= ... .jpg[/img]ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage[/url]

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Re: More About Lenny

Post by 12_paws »

:2379: Great to have a catch-up on Lenny, it sounds like he lives the life of Riley and his pictures are fabulous!
The thought of Lenny sharing the evening walk with Tom did make me smile
Des x
Diesel & Harley x x

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Re: More About Lenny

Post by LabLover »

Lovely update and by the sounds of it Lenny has a wonderful life with you all.

Lenny is a gorgeous looking boy and love all his photo's :love2:

Amanda Jim Milo Zak & Max x
Amanda Jim & Fynley xxx

Remembering our beloved boys Milo, Little Max & Zak who forever will always be in our hearts and never forgotten Feb 2003 to May 2016, Jan 2010 to Jun 2017 & Nov 2004 to Nov 2017.

Diesel Kate
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Re: More About Lenny

Post by Diesel Kate »

Lovely update he is beautiful. Lovely photos. :1972:
Kath, Toby (Balee and Megan - Never out of my thoughts :love2: )

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Re: More About Lenny

Post by jackie »

Great update and love the photos he is gorgeous and looks a very happy boy!

Jackie x

Judith Watson
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Re: More About Lenny

Post by Judith Watson »

Lovely update on Lenny and some super photographs. I have this picture in my head of Lenny enjoying his cold tea and toast,love

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