Some History of this rescue the long road to MKF

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Some History of this rescue the long road to MKF

Post by Glenys »

This is a special week ahead For Sam and I as its thirteen years since we came here I've been delving into my files so I hope you find the articles interesting as many of you are part of the story .( please watch each day for more writings )

2001 The start of our search

This was the start of our journey if only we knew then it would happen


To Whom it may concern.
This rescue was founded in June 1995 and it that time we have re -housed twelve hundred and eighty three Labradors.
We do not own our own kennels so in fact have to pay private boarding for all our dogs a round trip pf 50 miles many times a week.
It has long been a dream of mine to start a sanctuary, where we could house the dogs but also spend time with them,where the oldies who are suddenly finding themselves homeless could live out their days in peace.Where young boisterous dogs would have time and patience showed to them and where they would stand a better chance of a new home.
Unfortunately we never have been able to build up very large funds but recently we received a legacy which boosted funds a little more enabling us to help more dogs in more ways.

We are interested in properties in the North West/Yorkshire/Cumbria

This property would also enable the un rehomable oldies to live in the comfort of the house or foster homes and maybe stroll in the grounds quite safely, and there would be kenneling for the younger dogs.

We would still cover the area we cover now and more besides.
The Cost of renting the property and rates would be around £1000. A month.
The other overheads would be met by the rescue fund and donations for the dogs.
In order to reach our target of rent we are asking for help.
There is a “Sanctuary Fund” opened to which regular contributions can be paid by anyone willing to participate say for example from four pounds a month.

By helping to make this dream come true, you would always be welcome to news and information on the progress of our dogs,you would also be most welcome to visit by appointment .

I have taken the liberty of putting a tear off slip for anyone who would like to support the scheme. Plus a standing order mandate if you do not wish to be involved simply destroy the forms and accept my apology for troubling you.
In the unlikely event of us not going ahead with the sanctuary the fund would be transferred to the rescue fund and used for unwanted Labrador’s.
We need to assess whether there would be enough support to go ahead .
If you wish to participate if you could please return the slip and or form as soon as possible Thankyou so much for reading this letter and for your past interest and support.
Kindest Regards .

Glenys Fryer Rescue Co ordinator

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Re: Some History of this rescue the long road to MKF

Post by maxie »

Fascinating, Glenys. Thank goodness you had the faith and the persistence to believe that you could succeed. So many labradors helped

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Re: Some History of this rescue the long road to MKF

Post by JoanG »

Glenys you had faith in your ability to change the lives of the Labradors that came into Rescue and the strength and determination to see it happen. Of course these attributes would be nothing without your dedication and your sheer hard work and it's the combination of all these that has resulted in the BEST Rescue I have ever come across. I am proud to be a supporter and very thankful that I was allowed to adopt my special boy, George.

Thank you Glenys I'm enjoying reading all about the early days of the Rescue.
Joan and George x

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